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Information Technology Services

Password Management

This page was designed to give instructions on how to manage passwords for the various systems users may log in to at Eckerd College. The directions below assume the current password is known. If the current password is not known, the user should will need to stop by the ITS office in Armacost Library.


For windows users with the Novell Client installed:

  1. Press <Ctrl> + <Alt> + <Delete> on the keyboard. The resulting screen shows the current login information.
  2. Click the "Change Password..." button at the bottom.
  3. The Change Password screen comes up. This show the resources currently connected.
  4. Here the user will typically see ECC (the Novell network) and another resource, which is the local computer (local windows account).
  5. It is recommended that to keep the Novell password and the local windows account password synchronized. To do this make sure BOTH resources are highlighted (the default.)  However, this is optional and not required if there is a need not to do so, in which case have only the ECC tree highlighted
  6. Fill in the following fields:
    • Old Password:
    • New Password:
    • Confirm New Password:
  7. Click OK when finished.

NOTE: The password for Novell for most accounts must meet the following guidelines.

  • Must be 8 characters or longer.  Least one character must be a number and at least one character must be a letter.  Some special characters are permitted.
  • When changing password to a new one, the old password can not be reused for at least one year.
  • The Password for Novell is case sensitive

FORGOT PASSWORD PROCEDURE:  We are implementing a forgot password procedure for Novell logins.  If a password change is requested to be done by the LAN Administrator, he may add the user to the groups that are starting to use this procedure.  Basically, at the next login after the LAN Administrator changes the password, the user will be prompted to invent a security question, which is a question known only to the user, as well as a security answer, which also only the user will know.  Then in the future, if the password us forgot, the forgot password procedure may be used, at which time the user will be prompted with the security question, and upon the answer will be allowed to reset the password.  NOTE:  This does not work for everyone yet, only for those who request it or for whom the LAN Administrator determines it is necessary for some technical reason.

E-Mail (LDAP)

You can change your password in myEckerd -- for "Change your password" in the left menu or click here. You'll be asked to enter your old password once, and new password twice. Once you've done that, click Submit.

NOTE: Password for E-Mail/LDAP must meet the following guidelines;

  • Must be at least 8 characters long.
  • Must contain at least 1 letter and 1 number.
  • May not contain a single quote, double quote, or colon (', ", or :)
  • When changing password to a new one, the new password must vary by 3 characters.
  • Password for E-Mail IS case sensitive.

If you forget your password

If you have forgotten your password, click the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the myEckerd login page.

If the automatic password reset does not work for some reason, come see us in ITS between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. You'll need to bring your student ID.

New passwords are activated by 5:00 PM the same day.

If you are an incoming Freshman who has not yet come to campus, call ITS at 727-864-8318. We'll ask you a couple simple questions (including your Student ID number) and get your password reset.


  1. Login to Banner using your existing username and password.
  2. Once logged in, use Direct Access to go to the form GUAPSWD.
  3. On the GUAPSWD form, you will see the following fields:
    • Oracle User ID: (Banner username)
    • Oracle Password: (Current Banner password)
    • Database: (Non-enterable field)
    • New Oracle Password: (What you want your new Banner password to be)
    • Verify Password: (Type new password again to verify)
  4. Fill in the appropriate fields and click OK when finished.
  5. You will get a popup box that says: "Password has been changed, reconnecting." Click OK.

NOTE: Password for Banner must meet the following guidelines;

  • Can be between 1 and 30 characters.
  • Can be alpha-numeric (i.e., number and/or letters)
  • Only the underscore symbol '_' can be used if you want a symbol in your password
  • Must start with a letter.
  • Password for Banner is NOT case-sensitive.

Change/Determine ECWeb PIN

(ID/PIN can be given to parents for restricted view access to student info.)

  • Note: To change username/password instead of PIN, follow the "Forgotten E-Mail (LDAP) password" section above.
  1. Connect to ECWeb at
  2. Login using your current E-Mail (LDAP) username and password.
  3. Once logged in, click on the "Personal Information" link.
  4. From here, click the "Directory Profile" link to find your current PIN. If you would like to change it, continue on with the following steps...
    1. Now click the "Change your PIN" link.
    2. Fill in the following fields:
      • Enter Old PIN: (current PIN)
      • EnterNew PIN: (new PIN you want)
      • Re-enter New PIN: (type new PIN again to verify)
    3. Once filled in click "Change PIN" button.
    4. You should now see a message at the top saying "Your PIN has been successfully changed."

NOTE: ECWeb PIN must be 6 characters long and IS case sensitive.

Get ITS Help

You can now request ITS help online by using the Eckerd College ITS ticket system. Request help here.

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