Custom Programs

Collaborating for Your Individual, Team and Organizational Success

Organizations require innovative and meaningful ways of meeting the leadership challenges of today's fast-paced, high-pressure business environment. Individuals and teams must be prepared to meet these challenges in order to succeed and position themselves and their organizations for continuing success.

LDI offers custom approaches and techniques for building leadership capability, fostering team development and supporting positive change.  We focus on issues of particular importance to our clients and work in concert with them to provide tools, processes and programs that enable participants to leverage their strengths and develop opportunities for improvement.

Drawing on Strengths

Our custom programs are designed in collaboration with our clients and reflect the organization's unique needs and circumstances. They also share a number of key characteristics we have found to be valuable in addressing leadership and team development needs. These include

  • Personalized attention Our faculty and staff provide the individual attention and care that fosters learning and development.
  • Safe environment A safe, confidential environment is created for candid sharing among participants and for trying out new behaviors and approaches that are critical to improvement.
  • Assessment and feedback Individual and 360-degree feedback provide the opportunity for a deeper understanding of strengths, preferences and developmental opportunities.
  • Experiential learning Team and group activities offer participants a venue for applying new techniques and learning from one another.
  • Application and transfer Participants integrate lessons through facilitated debriefs of experiential learning activities, personal reflection, group discussions and the creation of team and individual goals and action plans.

Flexibility and Innovation

LDI custom programs range from focused day-long interventions to multi-tiered, multi-session initiatives that may last months or years. Regardless of the length or complexity of the program, the key to our success is partnering with clients in creating and delivering innovative ways to address leadership and team challenges.

"After working with OD and management consultants for over 30 years,
there are only 2-3 consulting organizations with which
I have chosen to develop a long-term working relationship. 
Eckerd College is one of those."

Leadership Development Specialist
Energy Northwest
Bryce Linville

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