Open-Enrollment Programs

"LDI has become an integral part of our learning strategy, supplementing our leadership curricula with intensive, assessment-based interventions for top individual leaders as they make key transitions or take on new responsibilities. They integrate the feedback and implement positive changes when they return and truly grow their leadership effectiveness in ways that spark our entire IT organization."

Lila Levy
IT L&E Curriculum Leader

All of our open-enrollment programs are designed to help participants assess their leadership effectiveness in a safe learning environment. The rich interactions with highly experienced peers from a wide variety of successful organizations promote personal reflection, insight and behavior change.

Leadership Development Program (LDP)®
For experienced managers ready to take leadership to the next level, this flagship 5-day Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) program has been in use for 30 years and is ranked as one of the top programs of its kind. Based on the most recent leadership research, this developmental process uses a variety of in-depth self-awareness tools and activities to enhance leadership capabilities for driving results.

Maximizing Your Leadership Potential (MLP)
For first-time managers, newly-promoted managers or managers of individual contributors, this 3-day Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) program prepares individuals to achieve lasting results through people.

Lasting Leadership (LLP)
This intensive, 3-day program is designed for graduates of LDP or high-level leaders by application and links executive health and leadership effectiveness.  Participants receive a world-class leadership development experience as well as cutting-edge tips to achieve optimal health and mental performance. Presented in partnership with Dr. Steven Masley of Masley Optimal Health.

Mastering Conflict Dynamics (MCD)
For leaders at all levels, this 3-day program focuses on the root causes of conflict and strengthens skills in listening, resolving conflict and managing difficult conversations.

Conflict Dynamics Profile® (CDP) Certification
The CDP is an assessment instrument used throughout the world by executive trainers and career development professionals in their own consulting and programming. The instrument, which is offered in both 360-degree and individual versions, focuses on how people behave when faced with conflict in the workplace.

The Center for Conflict Dynamics offers programs to certify qualified professionals to use the Conflict Dynamics Profile.


One-Day Programs

Coaching Skills for Leaders
Imagine a leader who is a skilled strategist as well as an outstanding tactician, a leader who has in-depth knowledge and experience in his industry and functional area.  Let’s imagine he is also personable, even charismatic, and displays a high level of personal and professional integrity.  Are these competencies enough to make him a leader of choice, or to ensure that he takes his organization to the next level?  Not in the absence of coaching skills.  Organizations are increasingly recognizing coaching skills as a critical leadership competency; coaching skills are crucial in helping leaders build bench strength, enhance employee motivation, and develop true followership.

Leadership, Negotiation and Gender
While opportunities to negotiate exist everyday, women frequently avoid them.  As a consequence, creative solutions to problems may remain unexplored, and important needs may continue to be unfulfilled.  The Leadership, Negotiation and Gender forum examines many of the special challenges and constraints that women experience in initiating personal or professional negotiations.

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