Lasting Leadership


Pre-Course Work
Because self-awareness is a key aspect of our program, participants will be asked to fill out several assessment surveys prior to attending. In addition, certain surveys require that evaluations be completed by the participant's direct reports, peers, and superiors. The surveys will be sent to you at least seven weeks prior to your program date and you will be given a deadline for completion.

Day One: Leading in Stressful Times

  • Visualizing ideal leadership
  • Leading with emotional intelligence
  • Achieving optimal health for optimal success
  • Utilizing an entrepreneurial mindset to address leadership challenges 

Day Two: Building Essential Leadership Skills

  • Leading through mediation
  • Resolving conflict effectively: Conflict Dynamics Profile® feedback
  • Building effective teams
  • Giving and receiving peer feedback
  • Identifying the sweet sixteen vitality foods

Day Three: Targeting Overall Well-being

  • Enhancing your cognitive performance
  • Consulting with personal executive coach
  • Setting goals for future success


Optional post-program executive coaching is available to help you implement and maintain behavioral changes designed to increase your personal resilience and maximize your leadership effectiveness.

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