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Steven Masley, MDOptimizing the health of your executives fosters better work performance, greater productivity and extended longevity for your company. Healthier executives are mentally sharper, more energetic and maximize the return yielded upon their development. Good executive health is good business.

Steven Masley, MD, FAAFP, CNS
Medical Director &  President, Masley Optimal Health Center Author, Ten Years Younger, Random House, 2005

A New Mindset for the Complete Leader   

Presented in partnership with Dr. Steven Masley, President of Masley Optimal Health Center, Lasting Leadership (LLP) demonstrates our conviction that leadership development is a process and not simply a program. LLP is a highly personalized, three-day experience for senior leaders who need to perform at peak levels--both mentally and physically--day in and day out. In addition to experiencing a world-class leadership development program, participants will learn tips to achieve optimal health and mental performance. Participating executives will learn to make choices, in terms of both health and leadership, which increase exponentially their ability to reach their important personal and organizational goals.

Introducing a brand new tool called the Entrepreneurial Dimensions Profile (EDP)™, the program focuses on the critical elements of leadership needed for an ever-changing business environment.  The EDP, which benchmarks an individual's entrepreneurial characteristics and skill sets, provides an innovative approach to dealing with the challenges many leaders face. 

Set in the world-class beach resort community of St. Petersburg, Florida, participants are guaranteed intensive engagement and personal rejuvenation.

Participation is for graduates of the five-day Leadership Development Program (LDP)® or by application only.


During this program, participants

  • Explore the connections between health status, life balance, leadership effectiveness and overall well-being
  • Analyze their effectiveness as leaders through a battery of self-report and multi-rater assessment tools
  • Explore the impact of their leadership styles on others
  • Improve their ability to give and receive constructive feedback
  • Learn how to enhance cognitive performance
  • Strengthen their entrepreneurial leadership skills
  • Learn constructive strategies to address organizational conflict
  • Gain insight into life-balance issues and energy management
  • Experience continued personal and career growth

Special Features

Each participant receives a confidential one-on-one session with a feedback coach to review assessment instruments and to set clearly defined goals.

Experiential and small-group activities help participants practice more effective leadership behavior.

Through a feedback tool that measures conflict behavior, participants examine how conflict affects communication, teamwork and individual productivity.

Participants benchmark their capacity for entrepreneurial leadership and engage in an activity designed to explore the value of using an entrepreneurial mindset to meet the complex challenges most leaders face. 

A videotaped review of a key program segment provides powerful opportunities for feedback.

Optional Pre-Program Health & Wellness Evaluation

Prior to the start of the program, participants will have the option of experiencing elements of an individual comprehensive health and lifestyle assessment with Dr. Steven Masley at a discounted rate. The purpose of the evaluation is to give the individual a complete understanding of his or her current health status and identify his or her unique health risk factors. The evaluation is designed to establish individual health goals and provide a customized action plan to achieve better health. If you are interested in more information about this option, please let us know upon registering for the program.


This program is being held in partnership with Masley Optimal Health Center.

"Lasting Leadership was the perfect follow-up to the Leadership Development Program. It helped reground me in my natural strengths while identifying additional opportunities for personal and professional growth. The physical and mental health component of the program, including the comprehensive full-day health assessment, had a profound impact on me. Not only am I making healthier choices, such as eating better and exercising more, but those choices have also carried over to my entire family. And that feels really good."

David Marbaugh
Manager, Leadership Communications
Eli Lilly and Company

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