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Building Conflict Competent Teams

The authors of Building Conflict Competent Teams invite you to explore new ways to get the best out of inevitable conflict.  Find out why Ken Blanchard, co-author of the One Minute Manager® and One Minute EntrepreneurTM said about the book, "Conflict happens on the best of teams. Building Conflict Competent Teams shows team leaders how to constructively tackle the challenges that come when people disagree."

When conflict occurs on your team, how do you respond?  How do your teammates respond?  In many cases team members resort to ineffective tactics such as "fight and flight" responses.  Many team members try to avoid conflict altogether. Some simply deny that conflict exists.  Others react to conflict out of anger or defensiveness. In each of these cases, frustration mounts, trust is eroded, and collaboration suffers.   On the other hand, successful teams know that conflict must be embraced and explored.  In fact, conflict often results in new, previously unimagined opportunities, ideas, and solutions.

During this one-day interactive seminar you will

  • Discover why conflict is both a challenge and an opportunity for teams
  • Complete the Conflict Dynamics Profile - a personal assessment of your conflict behaviors and hot buttons
  • Learn how to create the right climate for effective conflict management in teams
  • Practice approaches for using constructive communication techniques to address team conflict
  • Assess your team's current conflict environment

Special Features

The Conflict Dynamics Profile:  All participants will complete this self-assessment on-line prior to the seminar.  A personal, confidential report will be delivered during the seminar.

Last Gasp Gorge Simulation:  Making difficult decisions based on incomplete information can lead to conflicting views.  Add time pressure and personal values to the situation and differences of opinion are sure to arise.  Participants will experience this engaging exercise during the afternoon of the seminar. 

Building Conflict Competent Teams:  All participants receive a signed copy of the book on which this seminar is based.

Date(s): Dates are coming soon!
Class Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Tuition: $495

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