One-Day Programs

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Imagine a leader who is a skilled strategist as well as an outstanding tactician, a leader who has in-depth knowledge and experience in his industry and functional area.  Let’s imagine he is also personable, even charismatic, and displays a high level of personal and professional integrity.  Are these competencies enough to make him a leader of choice, or to ensure that he takes his organization to the next level?  Not in the absence of coaching skills.  Organizations are increasingly recognizing coaching skills as a critical leadership competency; coaching skills are crucial in helping leaders build bench strength, enhance employee motivation, and develop true followership.

During this one-day, skill-building seminar, you will 

  • Consider various perspectives on coaching
  • Learn a model for effective coaching
  • Receive feedback on your coaching approach
  • Build coaching skills that will help you become a stronger leader

Special Feature 

In the second half of the day, class members will break up into small groups to participate in facilitated, videotaped “real plays.”  In each real play, one class member (the “coachee”) will share a real-life work issue, and another class member will coach him or her on that issue.  Each class member will get to serve as coach in at least one real play and coachee in at least one other. A trained facilitator will lead the small group in a review of the videotaped sessions.  The benefits of the experience to each participant will be twofold:  1) all class members will receive feedback on their individual coaching strengths and weaknesses, and build a foundation for improving their coaching skills; and 2) because they are bringing real-life work issues to the real plays, they should benefit from being coached on issues of actual, practical importance to them.

Class Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

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