Place Materials on Reserve

Course Reserve Materials

Placing items on reserve provides controlled access to materials for your students. The following materials may be placed on reserve at the Library Circulation Desk:

  • Eckerd College owned books
  • Eckerd College owned videos
  • Personal books
  • Personal videos
  • Personal Sample Tests or Homework Solutions
  • A copy of an article from a journal*
  • A copy of a chapter from a book*
  • A short story, essay or poem*

*These items may be subject to copyright laws. For information see the Eckerd College Faculty Manual.

The following items may not be placed on reserves:

  • Books borrowed from another library
  • Items rented commercially (e.g. Blockbuster videos)
  • Reference materials
  • Periodicals

How to Place Items on Reserve:

It is important to plan ahead. Items will be processed for reserve Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. This means that items submitted on Friday afternoon will not be processed until the following Monday and may not be available until Tuesday or Wednesday. Due to the volume of material placed on reserves, particularly at the beginning and end of the semester, the Library cannot offer same day or rush requests for placing items on reserve. Please submit your list a minimum of 48 hours prior to when your students will need the items. For personal items, longer lead-time would be appreciated.

There are a number of factors that can make the processing of your reserves faster.

1. Eckerd Library owned books may easily be placed on reserve since they already have a bibliographic record and barcode. To submit a request online for Eckerd owned items click here.

2. Personal copies of items must have a bibliographic record created and barcode assigned. You may request an anti-theft device be put into your books by contacting the Circulation Supervisor at 864-8337. To submit a printable request for personal copies of books or videos click here.

3. For photocopied material, each article and each copy of an article must have a separate bibliographic record and barcode making this the most time-intensive of the reserve materials. Here are some ways to speed the process,
a.) Binder Method -In the past, some professors have simplified reserves by putting many articles in one folder or 3-ring binder and then multiple copies in different folders/binders. This requires only one barcode/bibliographic record per binder instead of per article. This is also helpful if you will be adding to your binder throughout the semester. If you choose to do this you must still submit source information for each article.
b.) Proper Title/Author - Articles will not be put on reserve without proper source information and an appropriate title that corresponds to the information in your course syllabus. Items titled "reserve packet," "week 4 readings," or "Bronte readings," will not be placed on reserve.
c.) Number of Copies - Only one copy per 10-15 students is necessary. If your readings are optional, one copy per 20 should be sufficient.
d.) Labeling - If you supply the folder for an article it is not necessary to label it in any special way, however, you may want to write your name and the name of the course on the first page of the article.
e.) Security - In order to keep articles in the library and in proper order, the Library will staple the article to the folder (if size permits) and will place a magnetic antitheft strip in the folder.
To place a photocopy on reserve click here.

Items placed on reserve will be listed by Professor name and Course Name in the Reserve Book at the Circulation Desk. If you have reserve materials for different courses they must have separate reserve lists created for them.

If you are concerned with loss or theft of your personal items there are antitheft options. Contact the Circulation Supervisor at 864-8337 for more information.

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