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Passing Off Another's Ideas

Preventing PlagiarismInstead of copying words, you use someone else's ideas without giving them credit. This also includes taking credit for entire words written by someone else.

Several examples include:

  • Using an author's ideas or words without citing the author.

  • Using a person's work such as music, film, photography, and any other media without giving credit to the person.

  • Buying a paper online and submitting it as your own.

  • Recycling a paper someone else wrote.

A Closer Look: Review the Scenario Below

Tina Triton is a senior and works part-time at a coffee shop. It's finals week, and Tina hasn't begun her research paper. Her roommate tells her about an Internet site where she can buy one. Click, click, enter a credit card number and Tina has a paper. This is plagiarism, and if caught, could mean a failure in the course or suspension from the college. Unfortunately, Tina is caught. Her professor recognized the paper from last year; two other students submitted the same paper.



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