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Using Media Files

Preventing PlagiarismMisconceptions:

  • Anything you find on the Internet is available for anyone to copy and paste; therefore, you don't have to cite it.
  • Anything you find on the Internet is considered common knowledge; therefore, you don't have to cite it.
  • Images, charts, and graphs in books can be photocopied; therefore, you don't have to cite them.

A Closer Look: Review the Scenario Below

Tommy Triton is almost done with his paper about the hardships of families during the Great Depression, but a picture on the cover sheet would add the final touch it needs. Tommy finds the perfect photograph on the Internet. He copies and pastes it into his document, but doesn't cite the image in his bibliography.

Has Tommy committed plagiarism? He sure has. Although it's easy to copy and paste images from the Internet, someone else has created the image and deserves the credit. Remember, all sources used for your research paper must be cited. In addition, check the style manual required for your class to correctly cite any type of media you use in your paper.



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