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Eckerd College Policies

Preventing Plagiarism

Academic integrity and prevention of plagiarism is taken very seriously. Students who plagiarize can receive a failing grade in a course, be suspended or even expelled from the college.

The policies below outline student responsibility, instructor responsibility and college procedures and course of actions for academic dishonesty.

  • Eckerd College Honor Pledge
  • Eckerd College Academic Honesty Policy as outlined in the EC Student Handbook. Information about the Academic Honor Council can be found in this handbook.
  • The Academic Honor Council (AHC) at Eckerd College exists to establish processes to ensure that everyone in the Eckerd College community (i.e. Students, Faculty, and Staff) share a common understanding of Eckerd College's Academic Honor Policy.  An electronic copy of the AHC Constitution is available on this website.
  • Plagiarism information for all Western Heritage in a Global Context students.



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