Senior Thesis Formatting Guidelines

Sample Title Page and Committee Report

The Educational Policy and Program Committee has adopted the following guidelines for a Senior Thesis:

  1. The privilege of doing a senior thesis should be extended to seniors by invitation from the major discipline faculty members or a suitable advisory committee for interdisciplinary theses. An invitation should reflect the confidence of the faculty that the student will present a scholarly work.
  2. The invitation to do a thesis should be extended just before registration in the spring of the junior year. A student anticipating thesis work will register for thesis during registration.
  3. Final clearance for a student to do thesis work will be established upon completion of a Senior Thesis contract. This should be completed by October 1 of the student's senior year.
  4. Students should use the style manual suggested by their collegium. The library has reference copies of the major style manuals.
  5. The final copy of the thesis must be turned in to the Registrar by the stated date. It will be sent to the library where it will be checked for appropriate title page, properly signed committee report, style, continuous pagination, and bibliography. The thesis will be bound and entered into the Eckerd College Library collection.
  6. All theses must be printed (double spaced) on 8 1/2 x 11" 100% cotton fiber paper (aka ragabond or "thesis" paper, available at office supply stores). Margins should be 1 1/2 inches on the bound edge (left side) and one inch on all other sides.
  7. The time, date, place and title of each thesis defense should be circulated to the faculty twenty four hours in advance.
  8. Some projects do not seem appropriate as theses yet are desirable creative activities. We recommend the name Senior Project for these works, implying that they demonstrate mastery of certain creative skills. The same procedures for senior thesis regarding invitation, registration, contract and defense of the project should be followed. Senior Art and Theater projects do not require a contract. Senior Projects which take book form can be optionally turned in to the Registrar for inclusion in the Eckerd College Library collection.
  9. A title page and committee report (see sample) should be deposited with the Registrar by May 1 of the student's senior year.  These forms must be reprinted and customized to fit the degree and the project.
  10. Students who want copies of their thesis bound for their personal use should contact the Library at 864-8336 to receive information about cost and how to turn in the additional copies. Students in the Natural Science Collegium should ask their thesis adviser about NAS requirements for additional copies of bound theses.


PRELIMINARIES (Title page is not numbered. Other pages are numbered in lower case Roman numerals)

  • TITLE PAGE (See sample) Includes title of paper, name of student, degree earned, college name, and date of graduation.
  • COMMITTEE REPORT (See sample) Include typed faculty names. The faculty must sign this sheet.
  • PREFACE - A brief statement of the topic covered including its scope and purpose.
  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENT (Optional) This acknowledges the assistance of people or institutions in the research for this paper. It may be included with the preface.
  • TABLE OF CONTENTS - A listing of the major divisions of the paper, giving their titles and page numbers.
  • LIST OF TABLES (Where applicable) This lists individual headings of any tables used, their numbers and page numbers.
  • LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS (Where applicable) This gives titles of illustrations used in the paper, their reference numbers and page numbers.


  • BODY OF THE WORK Pages should be consecutively numbered.


  • APPENDIX (Optional) This is used for material not absolutely necessary to the body of the work, i.e., technical notes, copies of documents, long case histories, etc.
  • BIBLIOGRAPHY - List of relevant sources used in writing the thesis. The library has manuals to show the correct form for bibliographic entries.
  • GLOSSARY (Where applicable) This is a list of unfamiliar words or technical terms with their explanation.

Bold type denotes the items that are a part of most theses. Creative writing theses are an exception to this rule.

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