Welcome and Introductions

Welcome by Miles C. Collier
Chairman of the Eckerd College Board of Trustees

Good afternoon. Thank you, Marion Smith, and the Eckerd College Concert Choir for that inspirational opening to our ceremony.

I am Miles Collier, Chairman of the Board. On behalf of the Board of Trustees of Eckerd College, welcome to the dedication of The Peter H. Armacost Library.

Today is more than a dedication of a new library; it is a homecoming.

In fact, it is Homecoming Week at Eckerd College , and it culminates now with Family Weekend.

Celebrating Family Weekend are our students, their parents, and family members. Will you please stand so we may greet you?

Hard at work this weekend on behalf of the 12,000 alumni of our College is the Eckerd College Alumni Association Board. Will you please stand?

This is a red-letter day in the history of the College, and we are delighted to have you here to share it with us.

While President Eastman will be introducing in his remarks many of those responsible for our magnificent new library, let me introduce some other special guests.

We are especially honored to have with us today Mayor Rick Baker of St. Petersburg.

While we do not have a prize for the Eckerd College family that traveled the farthest to be with us here today, if we had one, it would be given to Peter and Mary-Linda Armacost, joining us today from Lahore, Pakistan. Welcome home, Peter and Mary-Linda. Mary-Linda, will you please stand?

Yet, it is Eckerd College that has received the prize - as a gift of a library from friends in recognition of Dr. Armacost's 23 years of dedicated service and leadership as president of Eckerd College . A very warm welcome and thank you to you, John and Rosemary Galbraith, and Ruth Eckerd and the Eckerd family.

Joining in Peter and Mary-Linda's special day are members of the Armacost family. Please stand so we may welcome you: Peter's sister: Mary Hulst; Peter's three daughters and their families: Sarah Holliman; Mary and Tom Jamieson, Kali and Kirsten; and Rebecca Armacost; and Peter's son: David.

We are honored today to have members of the founding family of Eckerd College (then known as Florida Presbyterian College ). Will you please stand: Dick and Karen Kadel?

And will our faculty emeriti please stand? Welcome.

We also welcome Suzanne Hotchkiss, wife of Interim President Eugene Hotchkiss, who served from 2000 to 2001.

Eckerd College is privileged that members of the community so value learning that they associate together to support the College and our library as Friends of the Library. Will members of the Friends of the Library Board and Friends please stand?

My service as Chairman of the Board of Trustees is rewarding for three reasons. First, Eckerd College can rightfully boast that it has a Board of Trustees that is the envy of higher education; our Trustees have embraced Eckerd College with a collective force that is equal to the strongest challenge. Will you please stand?

Second, the work of the Board is supported by the finest executive administrative team in a college today. Will the executive staff please stand?

Third, and last but truly not least, I am privileged to have as my partners in this great educational enterprise, President and Mrs. Donald Eastman.

Chris - you are a special member of the Eckerd College team and a fellow traveler in the world of the arts. Your effervescence brings energy and light to our endeavors.

Don - you are man of whom your Trustees and colleagues had high expectations and you have exceeded all of them.

It is now your task to take this program to the next level and lead us in the dedication of The Peter H. Armacost Library.