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Office of Marketing & Communications


Photography is an important element in communicating the energy of Eckerd College. The images used in promoting Eckerd highlight the emotion and environment surrounding the college, often incorporating images that offer a creative perspective through subject matter, cropping or unusual angles. While the college does not have a photographer on staff, we do have an extensive photo library, student photographers and professional photographers that we can assist in coordinating with you. 

Photo Library

Our digital photo library contains thousands of photos of our campus, buildings, students, events and programming. We are working to make the photo library directly available to people on campus, allowing you to search for photos as you need them. Until that project is complete, please contact either Casey Paquet or Dawn Ellenburg with your photography requests. You can also view the college's Flickr account where you can download high resolution images.

Student Photographers

The Office of Marketing and Communications has a handful of student photographers who can be made available for event photography and some additional photography needs. If you are interested in having a student provide photography for you, please contact Casey Paquet, who can assist in coordinating the student as well as discussing the budgetary implications.

Professional Photography

If you have a high profile publication or project that requires professional photography, our office can assist in locating and coordinating local photographers with you. Please keep in mind that our office cannot pay for professional photography for your project, but we may be able to coordinate with other departments on campus to share the cost of bringing a photographer in. Please contact Casey Paquet for more information.

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