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Office of Marketing & Communications

Office of Marketing & Communications

Web Design and Development

The Web has grown to become the primary source for all kinds of information, and certainly the Eckerd College Web site is the most complete repository for all things Eckerd. The Eckerd site contains over 10,000 pages, so as you can imagine it is a challenge to keep it all up to date! Given that so many of our audiences rely on our site to find the information they need, it is everyone's job on campus to help ensure that our pages are both accurate and compelling, with up to date information and a focus on the unique attributes of Eckerd College.

The Web team is responsible for the design, development and maintenance of all Eckerd pages. Our primary goal is to give our visitors a fast, highly usable and consistent experience on our site. There are a number of ways we accomplish this:

  • We spent over a year designing the current site to take advantage of highly optimized code, a spacious and easy to read layout and a new navigation structure that makes information easier to find;
  • During the design process, we brought the vast majority of our pages into the same template to help give consistency to the look and feel of the site;
  • We utilize a Content Management System that helps organize and maintain the pages while ensuring design consistency through the use of templates.

Our efforts in these areas have resulted in winning several CASE regional and national awards in Web design and development, so it seems we're doing a good job! But, we need your help to keep improving our site and striving toward having one of the best college Web sites around. Learn more below about how we can do this together.

How to work with us.

Contact Director of Marketing, Communications and Web Services Michel Fougeres to discuss your needs. He will help determine the best way to address those needs, along with a timeline for the project. Please keep in mind that demand for Web support is extremely high at all times, so it is important to contact us early if your project has a hard deadline.

Who creates the content?

While we provide assistance with content development for the Web, we need your help! You are the expert on the courses you teach, the services your department offers or the area you work in, so we'll need you to be the first point of content creation. We are happy to help shape your content and suggest ways to optimize it for the Web. Some tips for successful writing on the Web:

  • Keep it short - people are much more inclined to read concise information on the Web, pages that go on for multiple paragraphs can often result in a visitor leaving without reading a single word;
  • Keep it organized - place the most important information at the top and then offer more detail further down the page;
  • Keep it compelling - if you're talking about your academic department, be sure to highlight the most unique and compelling aspects of your program.

Does my site have to look like everyone else's?

One of the keys to having a successful site that is pleasant and useful for your visitors is to have a consistent design throughout. While we understand that sometimes it can seem "boring" to have the same look to your site as other Eckerd sites, this is an important part of improving our visitors' experience. There are a few cases where we have strategically used unique site designs that are different from the main Eckerd site, but these are for specific purposes and are rarely done.

What we can and can't do.

While we do our best to work with everyone on campus who would like their own Web site, there are a few types of sites we cannot support ourselves. Google Sites is an excellent option for these cases, giving you control over building a site for yourself, your club or your research. Please let us know if you decide to build an Eckerd-related Web site using Google Sites or any other service, even though we are not maintaining the site for you, there are certain rules to follow whenever you are representing Eckerd College on the Web. Types of sites we cannot support directly: student clubs and organizations, individual faculty research projects, individual faculty self-promotion (beyond what we support within academic department sites), etc.

Request Our Support

We're here to help, and we've put together a quick guide for how to request our support. Learn more.



Be sure to check out our Resources section where you can learn more and download helpful resources such as boilerplate language, logos, Powerpoint templates, style guides and more. Learn more.

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