What we do

The mission of this student activities board shall be to entertain, enlighten, and educate the student body. They shall be responsible for selecting, planning, coordinating, and executing campus-wide social, recreational, and entertainment events and activities for the Eckerd College Community.

Job Descriptions

Director of Concerts:

The Director of Concerts is in charge of bringing diverse musical acts to campus, including but not limited to live bands and solo performers. The Director of concerts must be capable of working negotiations with agents and contracts to establish terms that are suitable for Palmetto Productions and the entertainer. Candidate must be willing to continue relationships with venues as Janus Landings. Most importantly, the director of concerts must be willing to explore and promote musical interests outside his/her own taste.

Director of Comedy and Novelty:

The Director of Comedy and Novelty is in charge of bringing comedians and diverse entertainers to campus including but not limited to hypnotists, magicians and varying performers of eclectic and unique trades,. The director is also in charge of providing fun and entertaining novelties at various events such as airbrush tattoos, free novelty giveaways, and inflatables. This director must be willing to work closely with other Palmetto directors in providing novelties for events that may fall under the jurisdiction of other directors within Palmetto.

Director of Cultural Events:

The Director of Cultural Events is in charge of brining events and performers to Eckerd College that promotes a commitment to cultural diversity and understanding. This candidate must be culturally aware and excited to plan events such as concerts, them nights, theatre performances, and other such events that promote the cultural atmosphere of Eckerd College. Most importantly, this candidate must be willing to collaborate and co-sponsor events with culturally centered clubs on campus.

Director of Traditional Events:
The Director of Traditional Events is in charge of keeping alive the traditions of Eckerd College. This candidate must be willing to plan events centered to traditions that Eckerd College students have grown to love. This includes but is not limited to planning the Fall and Spring Balls, and Springtopia. Finally, the director of Traditional Events must be willing to brainstorm and create new traditions for the campus.

Director of Holidays:

The Director of Holidays is in charge of planning events focused around the celebration of major holidays. This includes but is not limited to Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day. This person also be willing to plan unique and interesting events for these holidays, but is also able to plan events for other holidays as well.

Director of Public Relations:

The Director of Public Relations is in charge of publicity and advertising for ALL PALMETTO EVENTS. This candidate must be familiar with advertising through all forms of media-email, websites, flyers, campus newspaper, The Flush, and ECTV. Strong Graphic arts skills are a plus.

Director of Committee

The Director of Committee is responsible for recruiting committee members to aid in the promotion and set-up/clean-up of events. This person will be involved with keeping the committee members active in Palmetto Productions by organizing and holding regular committee meetings.  Therefore, this director will serve as a liaison between the Board of Directors and the committee members.

  • Upcoming Events

    • September 23 | 7:00pm
      Jeremiah Hutchison
      @ Palmetto Cafe
    • September 24
      Club Fair