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Parent and Family Relations

Parent and Family Relations

Parent Testimonials

We officially began our college search when Connor, a marine biology major and physics minor, was in 8th grade. We took him to a mentor to discuss his future goals, and when asked what he wanted to do, Connor replied without hesitation, “Marine biology.” Upon finding Eckerd College in Lauren Pope’s Colleges That Changes Lives, Connor started his Eckerd journey. Though his college search took us all over the country to many other schools—some offering hard-to-resist financial packages—Connor kept coming back to Eckerd and the opportunities that it offered in his desired field.

We have never regretted the decision to attend Eckerd, although I thought I was going to die leaving him 1,500 miles away. I second-guessed teaching my kids that if they worked hard, they could go anywhere and do anything they wanted! The great thing about Eckerd is that students learn so many life lessons, both inside and outside the classroom. The lessons aren’t always easy, but they are life-changing. Eckerd gives students a chance to work with each other, professors and the community, while growing and becoming the person they are meant to be. The faculty and staff at Eckerd take seriously their role in shaping young minds and understand that the student who enters campus as a freshman is not the same adult that will leave them after Commencement. After parent orientation, we knew that if Eckerd takes care of Connor a fraction as well as they took care of us, he is in great shape. Has it always been easy? No. Has it been rewarding? Yes.

Mark and Susan Zink (P ’16)
Lincoln, Nebraska
Advancement Committee Chairs
Eckerd College Parent’s Council

My daughter Chloe, a management major, is currently a junior at Eckerd College. Although she is 1,400 miles away from home, I sleep well at night knowing that she is in the capable hands of Eckerd’s faculty and administration. Her experiences at Eckerd have helped Chloe grow into a wonderful young woman. She has been exposed to so many unparalleled opportunities at Eckerd, from meeting Elie Wiesel to attending lectures from other world leaders. Eckerd is certainly her home away from home.

Tim Bawmann (P ’17)
Nashua, New Hampshire
Career Services and Internships Committee
Eckerd College Parent's Council

Commencement 2015

Commencement 2015

Join us for the Commencement of the Class of 2015.

Letter to Families

Letter to Families

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