Business Management

Business Management Major

The Business Management program is designed to provide students with the core principles of business management in a liberal arts environment.  The Business Management program stresses developing ideas, problem solving, and the communication of solutions in a changing domestic and international business environment.  The Business Management program emphasizes critical thinking, effective writing, research and analysis, and the formulation of strategic solutions to complex, modern-day business dilemmas.

Degree Requirements

The major consists of a core of six required courses, four management-related electives, Senior Seminar, and Business Policy and Strategic Management (the comprehensive examination course).

A minimum of four courses in the Business Management major (not including Business Policy and Strategic Management) must be taken at Eckerd College.

All students choosing a Business Management major must complete the core requirements with a grade of C- or better:

Lower Level Courses

  • MN 110S Principles of Management & Leadership
  • MN 271S Principles of Accounting I
  • An economics course
  • BE 160M Statistical Methods

Upper Level Courses

  • MN 369S Principles of Marketing
  • MN 377 Introduction to Business Finance or IB 378 Investment Finance
  • Senior Seminar (MN 242S Ethics in Management or MN 401Corporate Social Responsibility or IB 210S Students in Free Enterprise)
  • MN 498 Business Policy and Strategic Management (Comprehensive Examination course)

Four management electives are required to complete the major. Appropriate transfer credit and experiential credit may be used to meet this requirement. Students may choose their four management electives to create an area of emphasis in the following specialty areas:


  • IB 486 International Finance and Banking
  • MN 377 Introduction to Business Finance or IB 378 Investment Finance (which ever course is not taken as part of the core).
  • Two investment analysis courses (an internship may be substitutes for one investment analysis course).

Information Systems:

  • MN 272 Management Information Systems
  • MN 214 Systems Analysis
  • MN 360 Database Systems
  • 1 Information Systems elective


  • IB 321S Consumer Behavior/Consumerism
  • IB 373 Marketing Communications
  • IB 374 Market Intelligence
  • IB 379 Retail Organization and Management
  • IB 485 International Marketing

Focus Area

Entrepreneurship: NEW

This focus area is designed for students interested in acquiring key entrepreneurial skills and knowledge that will improve their chances for success in business ventures. It also gives students the tools for incorporating strategies for social impact into their business and career. The focus area allows students to select from Social Entrepreneurship, Students in Free Enterprise, Venture Creation, Sustainable Management, and others.

Healthcare Management: NEW

This focus area is designed for students interested in pursuing entry-level management positions in the healthcare industry with an emphasis on principles and best practices in health care, healthcare budgeting, and foundations of health care management. The Business Management major with a healthcare management provides a foundation in management and leadership, finance, accounting, and marketing.

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