Honors Program

The PEL Honors Program is designed for students who appreciate challenging coursework, are willing to take on in-depth projects, and enjoy discussing complicated material and engaging in scholarly discussions.

The deadline for the PEL Honors Program application is July 31.


  • Have completed five or more courses at Eckerd College by Fall I term and reached sophomore standing.
  • Submitted an application consisting of: an application form, an essay, and two recommendations from PEL faculty members.

Students who wish to be considered for the PEL Honors Program should submit an application to Margret Skaftadottir, the Academic Director of PEL by July 31st. Selection will be based on academic performance at Eckerd College, previous academic record, capacity for independent scholarship, and the desire to be part of a rigorous learning community.

For further information contact Catherine Griggs, Honors Program Director, Program for Experienced Learners, at griggscm@eckerd.edu.