Humanities is an interdisciplinary major allowing each student to work with the PEL Coordinator of the Humanities to design a ten-course program using the methodology of a core humanities discipline (American studies, classics, history, literature, philosophy, political science, film studies, or religious studies), supplemented with courses from complementary disciplines and integrative humanities courses. A minimum of five courses must be from the core discipline; the other courses may be drawn from complementary disciplines. At least five courses must be beyond the introductory level. In addition to the ten-course program, students are required to take a Senior Comprehensive exam.

Students who complete the humanities major demonstrate the following competencies:

  • knowledge of the significance of the humanities as an interdisciplinary field of study and endeavor, and of the interconnections between the different humanities disciplines;
  • knowledge of content in the core discipline;
  • ability to understand and use the methods of the core discipline;
  • ability to conduct research and engage in scholarly writing, including mastery of the accepted style of documentation in the core discipline;
  • ability to engage in effective oral communication.
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