Life, Learning and Vocation

Life, Learning and Vocation (LLV) will be your first course as a PEL student. You will explore topics that are at the core of the human experience as we try to understand the moral, ethical, and intellectual questions of our experience, and the connections between our ideas and the ideas of others who have tried to make sense of these issues.

During LLV, you will be assigned to an academic adviser who will work with you to create an individualized degree plan and provide ongoing assistance throughout your time in the Program for Experienced Learners. You will also be assigned a faculty mentor for academic, career, graduate school, and any other questions you may have relating to your academic program.

A grade of C- or better in the Life, Learning, and Vocation course is required to continue the program.

LLV begins with a Saturday orientation workshop at Eckerd College's main campus to introduce you to the college, and the LLV course.

During the LLV course you will have access to tutorial sessions which will help you with your writing requirements if you need assistance.

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