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The Anthropology minor consists of the following five courses:

  • AN 201G Introduction to Anthropology
  • 4 electives in Anthropology

Art History

Students may earn a minor in Art History. The minor requires successful completion of AH 103A Art of the Western World and five additional approved art history (AH) courses, only two of which may be at the 200 level. Coursework in art history taken overseas or at other institutions may also qualify but is subject to the approval of discipline faculty.

Creative Writing

The Creative Writing minor consists of the following five courses:

  • 3 writing workshops
  • 2 literature electives

One workshop and one literature course must be 300 level or above. The three writing workshop courses must be in at least two genres (fiction, poetry, playwriting, etc.) and must be Eckerd College courses.

Environmental Studies

The minor in Environmental Studies requires six courses:

  • ES 172 Introduction to Environmental Studies
  • ES 270 Introduction to Environmental Biology
  • ES 211 Introduction to Earth Science
  • three environmental field courses chosen from the list of field courses for the major. Students should choose one class from the three of the seven fields.

Film Studies

The minor in Film Studies requires six courses.

Required core courses:

  • FI 200 Elements of Film
  • FI 306H Theories of Film

An approved genre or history course:

  • CM 224G International Cinema
  • RU 282G Russian Society through Cinema
  • AM American Cinema
  • AM 319E Environmental Film Colloquium
  • AM 325H West and the Movies
  • PL 246H Philosophy and Film

Three other courses from the following categories, including at least one from the first category:
Film history, genre or topics courses (any courses from the above list that are not used to satisfy the above requirements):

  • PL 246H Philosophy and Film
  • LI 362H Film and Literature
  • IA 170A Introductory Filmmaking
  • CW 436 Screenwriting


A minor in History consists of a minimum of six history courses, which must include HI 206H Making History and any two of the following survey courses:

  • HI 202H The European Experience
  • HI 205H The American Experience
  • HI 232G World History to Columbus
  • HI 233G Global History in the Modern World

Of the remaining three history electives counting toward the minor, no more than two should come from any one of the following fields: American History, European/Ancient History, and Asian/World History. At least three of the courses must be taken at Eckerd College.

Some courses which are available in the classroom format may be given only at the St. Petersburg location.

International Business

The International Business minor consists of the following five requirements:

  • IB 261S International Management
  • IB 260S The Cultural Environment of International Business
  • IB 485 International Marketing *
  • IB 486 International Finance and Banking **
  • A term abroad in an internationally focused course

Some courses in the International Business minor are given only at the St. Petersburg location or may require directed/independent study.

* Prerequisite: IB 369S Principles of Marketing
** Prerequisite: MN 377 Introduction to Business Finance or IB 378 Investment Finance
and EC 282S Principles of Macroeconomics.


The Journalism minor consists of three core courses and two electives. The three core courses are

  • CW 220A Journalism
  • CW 320 Advanced Journalism
  • CM 360A Media Ethics

The two electives must be chosen from the following courses:

  • AR 244 Digital Photography
  • AR 322 Advanced Photography Critique
  • CM 306 Gender, Sexuality, and Media
  • CM 223 Argumentation and Debate
  • CO 200E Writing the Environment
  • CO 328 Advanced Research Writing
  • CO 122 Analytic and Persuasive Writing
  • CW 404 Web Journalism
  • CW 204A Creative Nonfiction
  • Internship

Students majoring in Creative Writing and seeking the Journalism minor are required to take five, rather than four, workshops for the Creative Writing major: one poetry workshop, one fiction workshop, two journalism workshops, and one workshop elective. Students choosing to minor in both Journalism and Creative Writing cannot overlap
courses to meet the requirements.

Leadership Studies

In the Leadership Studies minor the student will be exposed to a multitude of relevant dimensions of scholarship about leadership studies. The various courses in the minor will address theory, skills, and values. The minor consists of six courses, including a major project, internship, or practicum in which students will demonstrate significant leadership.

In addition to an internship, project, or practicum, students will complete five of the following courses:

  • MN 110S Principles of Management and Leadership
  • HD 207S Group Dynamics
  • MN 203S Leadership through the Arts
  • MN 312S Women and Leadership
  • MN 371 Organizational Behavior and Leadership
  • MN 387S Interpersonal Managerial Competencies
  • HD 404 Leadership and Administrative Dynamics
  • IB 477 Entrepreneurship

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts minor consists of the following six courses:

  • AR 101A Visual Problem Solving• AR 102A Drawing Fundamentals
  • 1 course in Art History
  • 3 studio courses (must be approved by the Visual Arts faculty)

Women's and Gender Studies

For a minor in Women's and Gender Studies, students take five courses including WG 201H Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies. Three of the five courses must be at the 300 level or above. Electives may come from a variety of disciplines and should be chosen in consultation with the PEL Humanities Coordinator.

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