2012 PEL Graduates

Congratulations to Carianne Finney and Shirley Foor for winning the Writing Excellence Award! For more Commencement coverage, check out photos, remarks, honorary degree and award recipient information from Commencement 2012.

Commencement 2012

Shelley Adkins, Human Development
Elise Aiello, American Studies
Jason Allen, American Culture & Society
Lori Amo, American History/Culture Concentration
Michelle Andrick, Business Management Concentration
Tashima Aust, Global Business Concentration
Susan Azadian, Personnel/Global Res Mgmt Concentration
Rebecca Bailey, American Studies
Cecile Bare, Business Management Concentration
Angyla Bell, Business Management Concentration
Evelyn Beltran, Business Management
Joshua Berdux, Business Management
William Blumberg, American Studies
Misty Borsetto, Business Management
Lisa Bourn, Business Management
Tafari Brown, Human Development
Kimberly Brown-Williams, Human Development
Jennifer Burnett, Human Development
Donna Carter, Organizational Studies Concentration
Vanessa Carusone, American Studies
Leslie Chanove, Visual Arts
Rayomond Chinoy, Business Management Concentration
Kimerly Christie, Business Management
Charles Christmas, Business Management
Brenda Church, Business Management
Jacob Cline, Visual Arts
Aaron Coder, Humanities
Alma Colvin, Interdisciplinary Studies
Katrina Colvin, Creative Writing
Max Cooper-Dowda, Business Management
NinaMarie Cornelius, Human Development
Osvaldo Cuevas, Business Management Concentration
Margueritte Cullinan, Business Management
JoAnna Cunin, Organizational Studies Concentration
Vincent Dallaire, Business Management Concentration
David DeBatto, Humanities
Heidi Decker, American Studies
Cynthia DeCrow, Human Development
Michael Deemer, Business Management
Valerie Diehr, Business Management
Ramona Donoghue, American Studies
Vincent Dudley, Business Management
Marilyn Dunn, Human Development
Bary Eck, Business Management
Stephanie Enrille, Human Development
Alexander Escobar, Global Business Concentration
Crystal Falco, Business Management
Karen Falso, Human Development
Ernest Fisher, Creative Writing
Liana Fuente, Business Management Concentration
Michaelyn Gamble, Business Management
Jordan Gatley, Business Management Concentration
Diane Gladu, Environmental Studies
Linda Godwin, American Studies
Jesse Gooding, American Studies
Julia Goodwin, Interdiscip. Social Sciences
Irania Graterol, Business Management Concentration
Jennifer Green-Sylver, Human Development
Dominic Grosso, Business Management Concentration
Donna Grosso, American History/Culture Concentration
Michelle Guadarrama, Organizational Studies
Michael Haley, Management & Health Care
Siobhan Harley, American Studies
Richard Hayward, Creative Writing
Christine Henry, Humanities
Richard Hill, Business Management
Jennifer Hills-Wheeler, Human Development
Mary Hutchens, Humanities
Jennifer Jessie, Environmental Studies
Brenda Johnson, Creative Writing
Angela Jones, Creative Writing
Sarah Jordan, Human Development
Brian Joseph, Business Management Concentration
Marcus Jowers, Creative Writing
Salondia Joyce, Personnel/Global Res Mgmt Concentration
Godelieve Kalisa, Human Development
Paul Kazmerski, Business Management Concentration
Gregory Kelley, American Studies
Alan Kerber, Human Development
April Kersey-Strong, Creative Writing
Betcinda Kettells, Organizational Studies
Tamara Kiehl, Business Management
Nathaniel Knight Jr., Business Management
Valorie Knowlton, Human Development
Jessica Koehler, American Studies
Kristopher Kozlowski, American Culture & Society
Ronda Lahey, Business Management
Avril Lake, Business Management
Bonnie Lanese, Creative Writing
Karyn Leahy, American Studies
Elizabeth Lent, Human Development
Isaac Logan, Management
Kristin Lohr, American Studies
Michelle Maccini, Human Development
Carmen Marshall, Human Development
Mariangela Marshall, Visual Arts
Cheryl Massey, Human Development
Sandrina McCloud, Business Management
Harrison McMullian, Business Management
Michael Meagher, Business Management
Jennifer Meier, Conc in Business Technology
Patricia Mendiola-Briggs, Human Development
Jennifer Morgan, Human Development
Michelle Morgan, Business Management Concentration
Tammie Moser, Management
Joshua Moss, Management & Public Safety
Alexandra Nelson, Organizational Studies
Denia Ortiz, Business Management
Carl Pace, Visual Arts
Brent Paisner, Global Humanities Concn
Yvonne Parizo, American Studies
Jennifer Passman, Environmental Studies
John Pennington, Business Management
Johna Perez, Business Management
Carrie Plaxco, Environmental Studies
Andrew Porter, Environmental Studies
Janice Powers, Organizational Studies
Barbara Proctor, Environmental Studies
Jolene Qatato, Business Management
Deborah Raia, Organizational Studies
Susan Reinhardt, Business Management Concentration
Connie Ribau, Human Development
Evelisa Rivera, Business Management
Blanca Rodriguez, Business Management
Debra Roehl, Business Management
James Rolston, Visual Arts
Jennifer Romero, Human Development
Amanda Rossi, Human Development
Angela Russell, Human Development
Meghan Russell, Visual Arts
Hanna Schneider, Human Development
Kathryn Screven, Visual Arts
Troy Sessions, Personnel/Global Res Mgmt Concentration
Carrie Shoaf, Environmental Studies
Lisa Sibley, Visual Arts
Jill Silverberg, Visual Arts
Dora Simpson, Creative Writing
Emilie Simpson, Human Development
David Slaughter, Business Management
Erick Smith, American Studies
Timothy Smith, Business Management Concentration
Sharon Stewart, Human Development
Erick Sumner, Creative Writing
Anne Sweeney, Human Development
Suzanne Taravella, Humanities
Rebecca Thayer, East Asian Society & Culture
Deborah Theep, Visual Arts
Sharon Thomas, Creative Writing
Randy Toomajanian, Business Management
Karen Tremmel, Visual Arts
Alexandria Uplinger, American Studies
Catherine Velez, History
Jennifer Vreeland, Environmental Studies
Clifford Waldron, Business Management
Nicole Walker, Human Development
Brooke Wallerich, Information Systems Concentration
Tamara Whaley, Management & Health Care
Charles Wheeler, American Studies
Stephen Yeager, Business Management
Zelda Young, Business Management
Thomas Yunko, Environmental Studies

Commencement 2012

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