Examples of Annotations

1. Example of the Global Annotation (note for the front of the exhibit):

* In putting together this exhibit, I have become aware of the variety of assignments I have faced in my classes at Eckerd College. I have also seen my writing improve and mature from the first LLV papers to my most recent work. The strengths of this exhibit are that the writing is taken from different class assignments, showing my ability to write in a variety of contexts; that the papers are well-organized and provide good specific illustrations; and that one paper shows my ability to handle a substantial research project effectively. I hope that all the papers show my engagement with the material to which I am responding.

2. Examples of Annotations for Paper #1:

* This paper was written for a composition class. The assignment was to write about a special place. I spent about two weeks working on the paper. One draft was read aloud to a group of my classmates; a second draft was read and evaluated by one classmate. This copy is a revision completed after my instructor graded the paper. I enjoyed thinking about this particular place and hope I have enabled my readers to share its uniqueness.

*This writing is a portion of the journal which I kept to fulfill an assignment during a Winter Term trip to Mexico. Basically, this is the original draft, though I did make a number of spelling and punctuation corrections when I typed it for my exhibit.

* This short story was written for the Writing Workshop. I read a draft to my class and then revised after hearing the responses and comments of my classmates. I revised again after the professor graded the paper.

3. Examples of Annotations for Paper #2:

* This paper was written for Western Heritage. The assignment was to connect Machiavelli's The Prince to the play Hamlet. I worked on the paper for about three weeks. I consulted a tutor in the Writing Center twice and had my roommate read a preliminary draft. I used only material from Western Heritage: the texts, Greer's A Brief History of the Western World, and the syllabus. The final copy is a third revision, completed after my professor returned the graded paper, and is referenced according to MLA rules.

* This paper is a position paper written for Ethical Issues and the Helping Professions. I selected my own topic, indicated both sides of the issue, and formulated my own position. This was a difficult paper to write, but the process of working on it helped me to think through the complex issues and articulate my own stand.

* This paper was written for American Literature II. The assignment was to write a 7 to 10 page paper presenting an argued case about how the reader is intended to respond to a work (or works) read for this class. We were to use both primary and secondary sources for the paper. I chose the topic of motherhood in The Awakening. I worked on the paper for several weeks, spending time both doing the research and planning and drafting the paper. A friend read the first draft and made suggestions. This copy is a revision completed after my professor graded the paper. I uses the MLA reference format throughout the paper.

4. Examples of Annotations for Paper #3:

* This paper was a research paper written for my African-American History class. I was able to select any topic and chose to research the connection between black women and the Women's Suffrage movement of the second half of the 19th century. My questions and preliminary research led me to focus on Sojourner Truth, her impassioned speeches, and their effects on both women and men. I discussed my paper several times with a friend and took the first draft to the Writing Center in order to get help with organization and documentation. I spent about four weeks (off and on) working on this paper. This copy was completed after my professor graded the paper. I used the MLA in-text citation format for my documentation.

* This paper is part of a project for a Human Services Administration class. We were to interview an administrator from a human services organization of special interest to us. Then we were to write a paper involving several sections: a description of the interview; a section analyzing the effectiveness of the organization, based on library research as well as our own observations; and a section explaining what our actions would be if we were hired as head of the organization. I am submitting the second section of the paper, the one involving research and source documentation. I used the APA format.

* I spent 4 to 5 weeks on the project. After I had completed a draft, I saw a writing consultant in the Writing Center and received her comments and suggestions. I also worked with a writing group in class the week before the paper was due. This copy is a revision done after my professor returned the graded paper. APA reference guidelines were used.

5. Examples of Annotations for Paper #4:

* This essay is the in-class writing exercise from LLV. We had one and one-half hours to write an essay on Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning. We were allowed to use the MLA Handbook, A Writer's Reference, a dictionary or thesaurus, and the Frankl book. The assignment was to reflect on this book and on our own experiences and to write an essay developing a thesis of our own choosing.

* This piece is my answer to the essay questions from an Ethics in Management: Theory and Practice midterm exam. The question was . . . (state the question). We had 80 minutes for the entire exam; I wrote this in about 20 or 25 minutes, using no sources.

* This essay is one part of my Western Heritage II final exam. We were to select a theme from the materials of the course, one that seemed especially important to us, and to discuss that theme using the texts studied and selected material from different time periods. We were allowed to use our notes and books as we wrote, but we had to do the actual writing in class during a one hour period.

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