Evaluation of Writing Competency

Achieving competency in writing is a graduation requirement at Eckerd College. You must submit your Writing Exhibit before taking Quest for Meaning. You must pass Writing Competency before taking your Comprehensive Examination course.

The Writing Competency Requirement

Competency in writing is a requirement for all students. To meet this requirement, students must submit an exhibit of their own compositions to be evaluated by members of the general faculty and the Writing Excellence Program. Students whose exhibits are judged "inadequate" must contact Alaina Tackitt in the PEL office for further instruction on resubmitting.

Preparing Your Writing Exhibit

As you begin to plan for submitting your writing exhibit, you are encouraged to attend one of the Writing Exhibit Workshops that are held several times a year. Email reminders will be sent to all students prior to each workshop. You may also check your 4-Term Schedule for exact dates and times. Please call the PEL office (813-282-0002) if you plan to attend. The Writing Center, located in SE 103 on the main campus, is also available to you, as are PEL Writing Consultants.

When to Submit Your Exhibit

Evaluations are conducted three times each year, with Writing Exhibit Submission dates usually in June, October, and March. Students must submit their exhibits before beginning the Quest for Meaning course and must pass prior to taking the Comprehensive Examination course/Senior Thesis.

How You Are Evaluated

A group of faculty members from all collegia will read the exhibits; every exhibit will be read by at least two evaluators. Each exhibit, taken as a whole, will be rated "competent" or "inadequate." This overall assessment will be the grade of record. Each piece in the exhibit will be judged for: 1) communicative quality (holistic impression; the reader understands the writer's purpose and respects the writer's overall skill), 2) organization and structure (logic, cohesiveness, transitions), 3) mechanics and usage (syntax, vocabulary, coordination, punctuation, spelling), 4) proper documentation, including Internet URLs (addresses). Any exhibit rated "inadequate" in the first round will be evaluated by two additional faculty and the director of the Writing Excellence Program. Students will receive specific recommendations from the composition faculty for action to improve an "inadequate" exhibit.

Writing Excellence Award

Each academic year, a maximum of ten exhibits may be designated as "excellent." Students so honored will receive a citation and have "Writing Excellence Award" noted on their official transcripts.

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