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President Donald R. Eastman III

Strategic Planning Recommendations

Addendum 6: Proposals Submitted to the New Program Committee

We received many thoughtful proposals from faculty across the College for the creation of a variety of new programs. We have incorporated many of the ideas in these reports into our recommendations to create four interdisciplinary Centers and to strengthen CALA. Below is a list of the faculty recommendations that we received. We have forwarded copies of all these reports to the Office of the President.

Nathan Anderson:
Film and Media Studies Program

N. Anderson, B. Kelly, P. Miller, G. Meese, A.Ransom, and S. Watson:
The Center for Word and Image

Harry Ellis:
Famous for Mentoring Program

Bill Felice:
A Center on International and Global Studies

B. Forys and A. Ormsby:
Strengthening Environmental Studies

Reggie Hudson:
Enhancement of Existing Physical Sciences and/or Earth & Planetary Sciences Program

C. Johnston and C. Griggs:
Center for the Study of the Americas

Lisa Kahn:
An "expanded" Center for Applied Liberal Arts

Linda Lucas:
Go Global Program

Marine Science Faculty:
Strengthening Marine Science*

Gary Meltzer:
A New Honors and Residential Program

Yolanda Molina-Gavilan:
Latin American Studies Program

Nanette Nascone-Yoder:
A Program in Biomedical Science

Donna Oglesby:
Focus on "Global"

Art Skinner:
An Interdisciplinary Arts Major*

Sterling Watson:
An Enhanced Program in Creative Writing and Writing Across the Curriculum

Rob Wigton:
Ethics and Law Center

There are many other good ideas in these proposals which should be implemented no matter what happens with the strategic plan. We urge that special attention be given to the recommendations in the Marine Science report (in particular, improvements to the sea water system) and to the idea of a BFA in the interdisciplinary arts.