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Quality Enhancement Plan

Quality Enhancement Plan

History & Timeline

History & Timeline document (pdf)

Eckerd College selected its Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) through a broad based process that actively engaged all campus constituencies, beginning in May 2008. Guided by the criteria spelled out in the Resource Manual for the Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancement, community members worked together to identify a QEP that grew out of the College’s mission, strategic plan, and ongoing assessment and evaluation processes and met SACS Commission on Colleges guidelines.


Spring 2008
  • Began informing community about the purpose, goals, and objectives of the QEP
  • Meeting of College Council and Faculty Coordinating Committee to begin brainstorming QEP topics

Fall 2008

  • Drafted a timeline for QEP planning
  • Distribution of SACS criteria for QEPs to campus community
  • Review of 10 QEP proposals by the Topic Review Committee and selection of 2 topics for further review

Spring 2009

  • Focus groups representing all campus constituencies discussed both proposals
  • Selection of reflective service-learning topic for QEP and approval by SACS
  • Appointment of QEP Planning Committee by Dean of Faculty
  • Announcement of QEP topic to community

Fall 2009

  • QEP consultation by Pamela Steinke, Director of Research, Planning, and Assessment at Meredith College
  • Planning Committee formed task subgroups to design faculty survey, outline student communication strategy, and prepare QEP campus marketing plan

Spring 2010

  • Meetings to lay groundwork for implementation of QEP in the fall
  • Consultations with students, faculty, and staff for feedback on QEP
  • Outlined timeline for implementation of QEP

Timeline for QEP

Year One: Launching the QEP
Fall 2010

  • Olivier Debure appointed as QEP Director
  • Appointment of QEP Advisory Committee
  • First cohort of 5 Faculty Fellows selected

Spring 2011

  • Faculty workshop led by Pamela Steinke
  • Review and assessment of year one

Year Two: Incorporating Reflection in Service-Learning Courses
Fall 2011

  • Add Service-Learning Administrative Coordinator to assist with QEP
  • Select second cohort of 5 Faculty Fellows
  • First cohort of Faculty Fellows will offer 5 new reflective service-learning courses

Spring 2012

  • Offer reflective service-learning and assessment workshops
  • Review and assess year two, making necessary changes

Year Three: Building on Strengths
Fall 2012

  • Select third and final cohort of Faculty Fellows
  • Offer 5 new reflective service-learning courses

Spring 2013

  • Continue to explore role of service-learning in Quest for Meaning (QFM)
  • Use Faculty Fellows as internal consultants
  • Review and assess third year of QEP, and make necessary changes based on findings.

Year Four: Expanding the Reach of Reflective Service-Learning
Fall 2013

  • Add 5 new reflective service-learning courses

Spring 2014

  • Expand web-based, digital, and print Service-Learning Resource Center
  • Review and assess fourth year, and make necessary changes based on findings.

Year Five: Embedding Reflective Service-Learning in the Curriculum

  • Conduct comprehensive review of the QEP and its impact on student learning outcomes and our academic program.

QEP Courses

Eckerd is offering 5 new Reflective Service-Learning courses for the 2012-13 academic year.
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