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Quality Enhancement Plan

Quality Enhancement Plan

Reflective Service-Learning

Reflective Service-Learning focuses on the importance of embedding thoughtful, critical reflection into the service-learning experience. Practitioners frequently equate the hyphen in “service-learning” to reflection, as it is the key component that enables students to draw connections between the academic content and community involvement. By incorporating active reflection throughout service-learning courses students are probed to make sense of their service work, consider how it relates to their academics, evaluate the impact of the work on community issues, and view their experience in the context of larger social injustices and systemic problems. According to the experts, reflection should take place before, during, and after service; should involve a variety of participants such as peers, community partners, and faculty; and should be exercised through an assortment of practices including journaling, discussions, and presentations.

As Eckerd has selected Reflective Service-Learning for the Quality Enhancement Plan, particular attention is paid to the impact of reflection on student learning outcomes. By integrating reflection into curricular service-learning courses, we expect improved student learning outcomes in the areas of critical thinking and problem solving, civic engagement and leadership, and openness to diversity. Reflection therefore is the tool by which student learning is enhanced.

QEP Courses

Eckerd is offering 5 new Reflective Service-Learning courses for the 2012-13 academic year.
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