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Quality Enhancement Plan

Quality Enhancement Plan

Plans & Reports

Over the course of the Quality Enhancement Plan an annual report is released on the progress of the QEP to share with the campus community. The report details steps taken to achieve yearly goals, describes any changes made to the original plan, and documents key decisions made regarding the QEP.

Summary of Year Two

During the 2011-12 academic year, six Reflective Service-Learning courses were offered and five produced data for assessment. Across all courses 93 students were enrolled. Courses represented the collegiums of Behavioral Sciences, Comparative Cultures, Creative Arts, and Letters. Twenty-three community partners were involved.

SLO scoresData from Reflective Service-Learning courses was assessed to determine student learning in QEP outcomes. Seven out of the nine SLOs were measured. Averaging scores across all courses, student learning was highest in SLO 2.1 (understanding of social problems and practical knowledge about community decision making) and SLO 3.3 (Students will demonstrate an ability to recognize, understand, and value the diverse perspectives of others).

All goals and activities as described in the original plan were successfully implemented on time. However, year two was pivotal in determining areas for improvement, leading to some modifications to the QEP. Revisions were made to student learning outcomes and VALUE rubrics used for assessment. The sequence of workshops was altered to include a session led by the first cohort of Faculty Fellows, during which they shared their experiences implementing Reflective Service-Learning courses. In spring 2012 the QEP Director and Service-Learning Administrative Coordinator attended participating classes to introduce the QEP and partnering organizations. Work with agencies was modified to ensure greater Faculty Fellow involvement, increased communication among participants, and more tailored development of relevant service-learning projects.

The second cohort of Faculty Fellows was selected during year two of the QEP: Dr. Yanira Angulo-Cano (Assistant Professor of Spanish), Tracy Crow (Assistant Professor of Creative Writing), Dr. Kip Curtis (Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies), Dr. Nick Dempsey (Assistant Professor of Sociology), and Dr. Jeannine Lessmann (Assistant Professor of Biology and Marine Science). These faculty members attended workshops during the spring 2012 semester to prepare for planning and implementing Reflective Service-Learning courses for the upcoming academic year.

Year Two Report (PDF)

Archive of Plans & Reports

QEP Plan (PDF)
Year One Report (PDF)

QEP Courses

Eckerd is offering 5 new Reflective Service-Learning courses for the 2012-13 academic year.
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