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Quality Enhancement Plan

Quality Enhancement Plan

Plans & Reports

Over the course of the Quality Enhancement Plan an annual report is released on the progress of the QEP to share with the campus community. The report details steps taken to achieve yearly goals, describes any changes made to the original plan, and documents key decisions made regarding the QEP.

Summary of Year Four

During the 2013-14 academic year, six Reflective Service-Learning (RSL) courses were offered, all of which produced data for assessment. Across all courses 88 students were enrolled. Courses represented the collegiums of Natural Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Comparative Cultures, and Letters. Thirteen community partners were involved. One Faculty Fellow who completed the spring 2013 RSL workshops planned a course to be offered during the fall 2014 semester. Data from this course will be included in the final QEP report.

QEP Year 4 SLO scores Data from Reflective Service-Learning courses was assessed to determine student learning in QEP outcomes. All nine SLOs were measured. Averaging scores across all courses, student learning was notably highest in SLO 2.1a (personal civic responsibility), with SLO 1.2a (ability to think critically about an area of service related to the discipline) also ranking somewhat higher than other learning outcomes..

All goals and activities as described in the original plan were successfully implemented on time. Some minor modifications were made to enhance the success of the plan. Specifically, “norming” sessions were introduced to address the issue of score variance in assessment. Also, the Service-Learning Administrative Coordinator’s position transitioned into Academic Service-Learning Coordinator in order to take on greater responsibility for implementing the new RSL program in General Education.

During year four of the QEP, the college moved forward with plans for the new General Education Reflective Service-Learning program, which embeds RSL across campus. Emphasis was made on recruiting new faculty to teach RSL within each discipline to accommodate students from all majors. An online platform was purchased and customized to track students’ RSL experiences and accompanying reflections. The Office of Service-Learning implemented a campus-wide marketing initiative to familiarize students and faculty with the new requirement. In fall 2013 a Faculty Forum on RSL was held to provide the faculty the basics on integrating service-learning pedagogy. In spring 2014 the Service-Learning staff visited each section of the required Human Experience course in order to reach the entire freshman class and introduce the new RSL requirement. The classes of 2017 and 2018 will begin logging RSL experiences under the new program in the fall of 2014.

Year Four Report

Archive of Plans & Reports

QEP Plan (PDF)
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QEP Courses

Eckerd is offering 5 new Reflective Service-Learning courses for the 2012-13 academic year.
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