Dean's List Spring '06

The Dean's List is compiled following the fall and spring semesters and includes students who completed at least four courses with a grade point average of 3.75.

Jeffrey Ackley from Stonington, CT
Maile Adams from Palm Harbor, FL
Michael Alarcon from Plant City, FL
Craig Altemose from Jacksonville, FL
Philip Anderson from Gainesville, FL
Anne Anderson from Safety Harbor, FL
Caroline Antolik from Houston, TX
Lindsay Argo from Cincinnati, OH
Linda Armstrong from Gulfport, FL
Sarah Austing from Brooklyn Park, MN
James Baker from Tarpon Springs, FL
Nicole Bancel from Chicago, IL
Susan Barba from North Kingstown, RI
Rebecca Barkdoll from Loves Park, IL
Brandon Barnes from Tampa, FL
William Barnes from Bradenton, FL
Charles Barnwell from Atlanta, GA
Stacy Beaton from Pinellas Park, FL
Danielle Beem from Denver, CO
Sean Belmudez from Valrico, FL
Glory Benacka from Columbus, NE
Aimee Bennett from St Petersburg, FL
Griffin Benson from Hamden, CT
Alexis Bentley from Littleton, CO
Paul Bess from San Mateo, CA
Krystin Biedron from Cary, IL
C. Blankenship from Brooksville, FL
Arthur Blodgett from Camden, ME
Brenton Bohannon from The Woodlands, TX
Heather Bolint from Newcastle, ME
Michael Bonaduce from Phoenixville, PA
Jonathan Bonner from St Petersburg, FL
Annick Bonnet from Jakarta, Indonesia
Colleen Booth from Seabrook, TX
Craig Bothwell from Onega, IL
Kelly Bowman from Wolfeboro, NH
Elisa Boynton from Naples, FL
Donna Breejen from Tarpon Springs, FL
Maryetta Breen from Gulfport, FL
Mia Brezin from Tallahassee, FL
Jacob Brock from University Place, WA
Barbara Bronson from Safety Harbor, FL
Jessica Brooks from St. Petersburg, FL
Randolph Browne V from Indialantic, FL
Michelle Brule from Sugar Land, TX
Leslie Bryan from Crown Point, IN
Albert Bunner from New Port Richey, FL
Charles Burgess from Clearwater, FL
Kaleena Burgess from Clearwater, FL
Edward Burke from Gulfport, FL
Elizabeth Burkholder from Woodland Park, CO
Ashley Burmeister from Grapevine, TX
Alfredo Cabale from Lutz, FL
Beth Callaway from Perry, FL
Maria Campbell from Sunrise, FL
Anthony Capoverdi from Winter Park, FL
Misty Carr from Kansas City, MO
Cheryl Carty from Bradenton, FL
Ivelisse Castellano from Tampa, FL
Katie Castonguay Prystupa from Brooksville, FL
Jocelyn Cercone from Bradenton, FL
Corinna Cicmanec from Grayslake, IL
Thomas Cilano from Celebration, FL
Travis Clairmont from Colchester, VT
Julie Clare from Margate, FL
Ronald Clayton from Tierra Verde, FL
Rebecca Cleland from St Petersburg, FL
Ross Cohen from Malvern, PA
Meghan Cohorst from Valparaiso, IN
Adam Colby from Burnsville, NC
Todd Cole from Tampa, FL
Jill Collins from Tampa, FL
Ryan Conrath from Belleair Beach, FL
Daniel Cook from St Petersburg, FL
Ronald Cook from Port Charlotte, FL
Jennifer Cortright from Laguna Beach, CA
Jonathan Courtemanche from Middletown, RI
Jack Cramer from Grand Rapids, MI
Laura Crankshaw from Belchertown, MA
Lauren Crombie from Westbury, NY
Christopher Crooks from Pinellas Park, FL
Patrick Crotty from Tarpon Springs, FL
Jamie Custer from Kissimmee, FL
Matthew D Antonio from Saint Petersburg, FL
Bridget Daumeyer from Tampa, FL
Bonnie Davis from Nokomis, FL
Lacey De Vlaming from St Pete Beach, FL
Karen DeFelice from St Petersburg, FL
Amanda DePotty from Williston, FL
Cassie Dillman from Sherman, TX
Georgiena DiMaggio from Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Richard Dinan from St. Petersburg, FL
Melissa DiStaula from Wakefield, MA
Nicole Dixon from Clearwater, FL
Jason Dorfman from Littleton, CO
Jessie Drechsel from Forest, VA
Rebecca Dundon from Lexington, KY
Lauren Eden from Potomac, MD
John Edwards from St Petersburg, FL
Einar Thor Einarsson from St Petersburg, FL
Amanda Elend from St Petersburg, FL
Maria Fernanda Espejo from Orlando, FL
Sean Esterly from Ballston Lake, NY
Benjamin Farmer from East Kingston, NH
Ross Felsher from Seminole, FL
Linda Ferdinand from Oneco, FL
Michael Ferraina from Glendora, NJ
Anna Fiore from Wesley Chapel, FL
Livia Fiorio from Clarksville, MD
Lisa Fish from Charlestown, RI
Lauren Fisher from Westborough, MA
Timothy Flamboe from Seminole, FL
Kyle Flanagan from St Petersburg, FL
Matthew Flege from Cincinnati, OH
Robert Fleming from Wilmington, MA
Lauren Flynn from Atlantic Beach, FL
Emilie Foltz from St Petersburg, FL
Michael Ford from Boulder, CO
Amanda Foster from East Kingston, NH
John Frazee from Marstons Mills, MA
Virginia Frey from Palm Harbor, FL
Sadie Funk from Richardson, TX
Grace Gair from Fort Myers, FL
Emily Gardner from St Petersburg, FL
Dawn Gari from Tampa, FL
Lance Garner from Baltimore, MD
Alison Garvey from Jackson, WY
Michele Gauthier from Wolcott, VT
Shaala Gayle from Kingston, Jamaica
Chauntel Gentry from Bradenton Beach, FL
David George from St Petersburg, FL
Mollie Getson from Falmouth, ME
Kyle Gibeault from Waldorf, MD
Nicholas Gibson from Gainesville, FL
Anne Gilbert from Mansfield, OH
Hartley Gillespie from Fort Defiance, VA
Michael Girardi from New Kensington, PA
Laura Glathar from Elkhorn, NE
Kaci Goldinher from Saint Louis, MO
Georges Gonzalez from Tampa, FL
Chimene Gordon from Cooranbong, Australia
Tina Gostkowski from West Chester, PA
Chrysostom Graves from Saint Cloud, FL
Elizabeth Green from Columbus, OH
Janelle Guillory
Matthew Haefele from Lopez Island, WA
Allison Haig from Ridgewood, NJ
Scott Hale from Muskego, WI
Joseph Haley from Tampa, FL
Mary Haley from Redington Shores, FL
Renee Hamad from Sarasota, FL
David Hanlon from Wilton, NH
Kathleen Hardy from St Petersburg, FL
Kathryn Harrington from Clearwater, FL
Randall Harrod from St Petersburg, FL
Sarah Harwood from St. Petersburg, FL
Colleen Hawk from Bradenton, FL
Benjamin Head from Westport, CT
Michael Helfrich from Louisville, KY
Rebecca Helm from Flagstaff, AZ
Christina Heupel from Herndon, VA
Cheryl Hicks from Tampa, FL
Jennifer Hildebrand from Pittsgrove, NJ
Chadwyk Hill from Kingston, Jamaica
Pamela Hilliard from St. Petersburg, FL
Amanda Hilsenbeck from Boca Raton, FL
Emma Hiolski from Oak Park, IL
Christina Hoag from Naples, FL
Mitchell Hoffman from Merion Station, PA
Pamela Hogan from Clearwater, FL
Amanda Holup from Tierra Verde, FL
Tomas Houska from Doloplazy, Czech Republic
Linda Hubner from St Petersburg, FL
Heather Hunsperger from San Jose, CA
Julie Hunt from St Petersburg, FL
Melissa Iacono from Middletown, NJ
Jeanine Irvin from Tampa, FL
Radina Ivanova from St Petersburg, FL
Ashley Jackson from Greenwood, IN
Daviana Jacquat from Ashland, OR
Shelley James from St Petersburg, FL
Dean Jansen from St Petersburg, FL
Robert Johnson from Muncie, IN
Graham Johnston from Parker, CO
Patrick Karel from Maplewood, MN
Alexandra Karnell from Hamden, CT
Elizabeth Kates from Petaluma, CA
John Kavanagh from Newport, RI
Carol Kay from Pinellas Park, FL
Melissa Keiser from Trinity, FL
Kristen Kellard from Armonk, NY
Christopher Kennedy from Land O'Lakes, FL
Kimberly Kenney from Tampa, FL
Travis Keon from Glenside, PA
Lauren Kessock from Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
Christopher Keyes from Concord, NH
Ellen Kildegaard from Edgartown, MA
Mary Kirkpatrick from Atlanta, GA
Elmar Koenig from Tampa, FL
Gwendolyn Koral from Bridgehampton, NY
Debra Kromis from Port Richey, FL
Andrea Krzystan from Severna Park, MD
Riki Kuech from Gorham, ME
Matthew Kuzemchak from Frederick, MD
Catherine Ladewig from Largo, FL
Amy Lambert from Bradenton, FL
Gabriella Landsberg from Phoenix, MD
Katharine Lapatovich from Boxford, MA
Courtney Lapham-Simpson from Albuquerque, NM
Elise Latsko from Gainesville, FL
Dominique Lazarre from St. Petersburg, FL
Barbara Lehman from Clearwater, FL
Sarah Lehner from Clearwater, FL
Dawn Leonard from Redington Shores, FL
Tina Levy from St Petersburg, FL
Forrest Lewinger from Athens, GA
Morgan Linn from Lyman, ME
Bethany Littman from Arvada, CO
Alexandra Loftus from Mount Desert, ME
Jake Loomis from Bradenton, FL
Jamie Lovejoy from South Egremont, MA
Bryan Lynch from Melbourne, FL
Elizabeth MacDonald from Scottsbluff, NE
Shawn Macking from Alpharetta, GA
Charles MacNeill III from Atlanta, GA
Mettina Maggiore from Inverness, FL
Ryan Mahoney from Scottsdale, AZ
Salvatore Maiolo from St Petersburg, FL
Michimasa Majima from Matsuyama, Japan
Stephen Malandro from St Petersburg, FL
Tanna Mancini from St Petersburg, FL
Victoria Manzo from St. Petersburg, FL
Niki Marabotti from Mt Prospect, IL
Ryan Martin from Fenton, MI
Sebastian Martinez from Bogotá, Colombia
Melanie Masessa from Winter Springs, FL
Joshua Matthews-Morgan from Winterville, GA
Tracey May from Tampa, FL
James McCarthy from Ponte Vedra, FL
Sara McClarnon from Otto, NC
Amanda McClure from Palmetto, FL
Jacqueline McClure from Sarasota, FL
Lindsay McCorkle from Bradenton, FL
Elizabeth McGurk from Palatka, FL
Rachel McKenzie from Yulee, FL
Amber McKinnon from Lutz, FL
Sundi McLaughlin from Sarasota, FL
Kathleena Meats from Portsmouth, NH
Joe Meglen from Concord Township, OH
Andrew Michael from Malvern, PA
Joanna Michaels from North Port, FL
Joanna Miller from Freeland, MD
Elizabeth Miller from Land O'Lakes, FL
Tara Minikel from Tampa, FL
Marissa Minor from Van Nuys, CA
Natalie Monas from Waynesburg, PA
Lauren Moore from Churchville, MD
Afzal Morani from Tarpon Springs, FL
Margaret Morgan from Clearwater, FL
Chelsea Mosure from Dublin, OH
Shannon Mullins from St Petersburg, FL
Rocio Munoz from St Petersburg, FL
Drew Murray from Groton, CT
Michelle Myers from Boca Raton, FL
Daniel Nagel from Sarasota, FL
David Nagle from Pine Grove, PA
Jessica Neiding from Largo, FL
Whitney Neugebauer from Woodinville, WA
Courtney Nosach from North Kingstown, RI
Bryan O'Carroll from Sarasota, FL
Christina O'Dell from St Petersburg, FL
Colleen O'Donoghue from Fermanagh, Ireland
Thomas OKonski II from Braintree, MA
Jessica O'Neil from Atlantis, FL
Cynthia Orr from St. Petersburg, FL
Zachary Ostroff from Amherst, NY
Andrew Oswald from Ocala, FL
Alexandra Oviatt from Kentfield, CA
Roger Owens from St. Petersburg, FL
Roxanna Pacheco from Riverview, FL
Warren Palmer from Great Barrington, MA
Carol Parker from St. Petersburg, FL
Alissa Parr from Phoenix, MD
Samuel Patterson from Birmingham, AL
Kathryne Peacock from Ferndale, WA
Luis Perez from St. Petersburg, FL
Nancy Perry from St. Petersburg, FL
Kyle Peters from Bucksport, ME
Jaime Peterson
Thomas Petty Jr. from Ocala, FL
David Pfister from Broomfield, CO
Lauren Phillips from Amarillo, TX
Suzanne Phillipson from Golden, CO
Elliot Poleshuck from St. Petersburg, FL
Rachael Poll from Joliet, IL
Lyle Polyak from Clearwater, FL
Suzanne Pontiere from Sarasota, FL
Andrew Prince from Oldsmar, FL
Yoo-Jin Ra from Seoul, South Korea
Abigail Rainsley from Southbury, CT
Stefan Ransom from Ashland, OR
Emma Reuss from Corrales, NM
Megan Reynolds from Boston, MA
Rodney Reynosa from Tampa, FL
Ashley Rhodes-Courter from Crystal River, FL
Rebecca Richards from Duxbury, MA
Elizabeth Rimkus from Ashford, CT
Sarah Ritterhoff from Lutherville, MD
Tracy Roach from Baltimore, MD
Kathryn Roach from Rotonda West, FL
Rachel Robbins from Murdock, FL
Gina Roberts from St Petersburg, FL
Abigail Roche from Riva, MD
Alexander Roche from Rogers, MN
Niclas Rockmann from Düsseldorf, Germany
Eva Romero Luna from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Patricia Ross from Sarasota, FL
Tanya Rotter from Gulfport, FL
Shannon Ruby from Littleton, CO
Jesse Ruffo from Port Townsend, WA
Rajeev Rupani from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Jacob Russ from Cape Coral, FL
Eric Sabin from Palm Harbor, FL
Amanda Sablyak from Cortland, OH
Deborah Sadler from Wheaton, IL
Amy Santee from St. Petersburg, FL
Nicole Santos from St. Petersburg, FL
Kathy Sapsin from St. Petersburg, FL
Sara Sayasane from Pinellas Park, FL
Charlotte Schiaffo from Tampa, FL
Kelly Schiller from Austin, TX
Adam Schlosser from Oconomowoc, WI
Ashley Schmidt from Gainesville, FL
Kelly Schmidt from Syosset, NY
Joan Sheehan from St. Petersburg, FL
Meredith Shepard from Largo, FL
Bethany Sherwin from Clearwater, FL
Mariko Shewmake from Gulfport, FL
Sarah Sieloff from Snohomish, WA
Janet Simmons from Bradenton, FL
Jean Slepecky from Spring Hill, FL
Stanton Smith from Annapolis, MD
Violet Smith from Vergennes, VT
Beau Smith from St. Petersburg, FL
Junetta Smith from Largo, FL
April Smoak from Clearwater, FL
Heather Sorrells from Panama City, FL
Jonathan Speiser from Woodstock, GA
Graham Spencer from Palm Harbor, FL
Calla Staszko from Cohasset, MA
Martha Stevens from Sarasota, FL
David Stevens III from Washington, DC
Steven Stoeckle from New Port Richey, FL
Andrew Stoffa from Rices Landing, PA
Brett Stone from Palmetto, FL
Amelia Strother from Calgary, Canada
Kathleen Stroud from St. Petersburg, FL
Susan Styx from St. Petersburg, FL
Michelle (Lori) Sullivan from Safety Harbor, FL
Stephanie Sunderman from Freeland, PA
Danielle Sutter from Tavernier, FL
Rebecca Swider from Mohnton, PA
Lindsay Swistun from East Islip, NY
Samantha Symon from Spring Green, WI
Brandi Szen from Palm Harbor, FL
Alaina Tackitt from Tampa, FL
Aika Takeuchi from Nagoya, Japan
Hitomi Tanaka from Komaki, Japan
Arthur Taylor from Fletcher, NC
Debra Taylor from Clearwater, FL
Kali Thomas from Crescent City, FL
Donald Thompson from Valrico, FL
Dorota Thonon from St. Petersburg, FL
Lemuel Thornton III from St. Petersburg, FL
Allison Todd from Streetsboro, OH
Coleen Townsend from Pinellas Park, FL
Nuong Tran from St. Petersburg, FL
Olesea Tran from Clearwater, FL
Galway Traynor from St. Petersburg, FL
Shaneve Tripp from Boca Raton, FL
Arthur Turrell from Sarasota, FL
Yasmin Uriel from Tarpon Springs, FL
Andrew Valdespino from Coral Gables, FL
Ivanela Vasileva from Varna, Bulgaria
Merry Vasterling from St. Petersburg, FL
Lindsey Verbance from Tampa, FL
Joanne Virginio from Needham, MA
Jack Viskil from St. Petersburg, FL
Grahame Vittorini from Newport News, VA
Rikki Voss from Tampa, FL
Kaiya Waddell from Napa, CA
Justin Walker from Montgomery, AL
Ashley Ward from Overland Park, KS
John Warder from St. Petersburg, FL
Sarah Wegner from Hickory, NC
Alison Weigel from Port Republic, MD
Lesly White from Lutz, FL
Leanne Whitney from St. Petersburg, FL
Elizabeth Whittington from St. Pete Beach, FL
Daniel Widener from Greenville, SC
Cythera Wilkerson from Black Mountain, NC
Megan Williams from Lake Mary, FL
Kristen Williams from St. Petersburg, FL
Gabrielle Wolk from Highland Park, IL
Jennifer Wollschlager from Rochester, MN
Jonathan Wozniak from Andover, NJ
Brittany Wright from Asheville, NC
Jie Xiong from Salt Lake City, UT
Lauren Yeager from Seminole, FL
Michelle Yi from Niceville, FL
Daniel Yost from Acworth, GA
Julia Young from Saint Louis, MO
Bethany Zack from St. Petersburg, FL
Teresa Zemaitis from Kenneth City, FL
Brian Zielinski from Voorhees, NJ
Kate Zinninger from Lakeland, FL
William Zook from Glenmoore, PA

College Program Series

Each semester, selected events are designated for the College Program Series (CPS). The majority of events are open to the public, but please check the schedule as some events are reserved for members of the Eckerd College community. Learn more.


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