Dean's List Spring '07

The Dean's List is compiled following the fall and spring semesters and includes students who completed at least four courses with a grade point average of 3.75.

Daniel Abreu from Belleair Beach, FL
Leah Abuza from Florence, MA
Kelly Ackerman from New Port Richey, FL
Jeffrey Ackley from Stonington, CT
Heather Ahern from Clearwater, FL
Conor Allen from Kennett Square, PA
Philip Anderson from Gainesville, FL
Lori Andrew from Sarasota, FL
Lindsay Argo from Cincinnati, OH
Kore Ashton from St. Petersburg, FL
Gloria Avila from Tampa, FL
Elaine Babiarz from New Port Richey, FL
Gunner Bakke from Largo, FL
Sandra Balkum from Tampa, FL
Nicole Bancel from Chicago, IL
Joel Bancroft from Largo, FL
Katherine Banning from St. Petersburg, FL
Molly Barger from Dickson, TN
William Barnes from Bradenton, FL
Ryan Barnicle from Cotuit, MA
Charles Barnwell from Mableton, GA
Kelli Barr from Jacksonville, FL
Lisa Barrett from Hartland, VT
Catherine Baugh from   Warrenton, VA
Donette Baxter from Tucson, AZ
Vanessa Beaderstadt from McHenry, IL
Betony Beddingfield from St. Petersburg, FL
Danielle Beem from Denver, CO
Heidi Behnke
Ashley Bejger from Winter Springs, FL
Nathan Bender from Seminole, FL
Jason Benik from Riverview, FL
Julie Benjamin from Riverview, FL
Lindsey Bennett from Jonesboro, AR
Brittany Bennie from Winter Springs, FL
Kimberly Berghoefer from Tampa, FL
Danika Berlin from Miami, FL
Lauren Bernat from Bradenton, FL
Alice Best from Austin, TX
Sarah Bird from Nottingham, United Kingdom
Victoria Bishop from Ocala, FL
Erin Black from Louisville, KY
Meagan Blank  from Islesford, ME
Arthur Blodgett from Camden, ME
Heather Bolint from Jonesport, ME
Colleen Booth from Seabrook, TX
Adam Bottie from Palm Harbor, FL
Cameron Boudreau from Chapel Hill, NC
Stephanie Bowen from Waxhaw, NC
Michelle Bradley from Safety Harbor, FL
Aleksandar Bratic from Largo, FL
David Bright from Clearwater, FL
Elissa Briley from Carnegie, PA
Jacob Brock from University Place, WA
Jessica Brooks from St. Petersburg, FL
Michelle Brule from Sugar Land, TX
Fallon Buckley from Portland, ME
Wendy Buffington from New Port Richey, FL
Kaleena Burgess from Clearwater, FL
Ashley Burmeister from Grapevine, TX
Nancy Buscher from Venice, FL
Kristin Busse from Brandon, WI
Tony Calandra from Tierra Verde, FL
Beth Callaway from Perry, FL
Maria Campbell from Sunrise, FL
Anthony Capoverdi from Winter Park, FL
Jennifer Caron from North Las Vegas, NV
Juliet Carroll from St. Petersburg, FL
Cheryl Carty from Bradenton, FL
Ivelisse Castellano from Tampa, FL
Katie Castonguay Prystupa from Brooksville, FL
Alexandria Caterino from Cheshire, CT
Jocelyn Cercone from Bradenton, FL
Robert Chambers from St. Petersburg, FL
Kimberly Christmas from Riverview, FL
Colleen Clark   from Bradenton, FL
Thomas Clark   from St. Petersburg, FL
Richard Clavelli from Sarasota, FL
Ronald Clayton from Tierra Verde, FL
Elise Coffey from Eureka, MO
Ross Cohen from Malvern, PA
Rachel Colber from St. Petersburg, FL
Adam Colby from Burnsville, NC
Nichole Collins from St. Petersburg, FL
Audrey Copeland from Ashland, OR
Joseph Copland from Solihull, United Kingdom
Jennifer Cortright from Laguna Beach, CA
Ben Cournoyer from Seymour, CT
Jacob Cox from Clermont, FL
Jack Cramer from Grand Rapids, MI
Robert Crowley from Bozeman, MT
Ryan Cuitino from Shorewood, IL
Anne Culbertson from St. Petersburg, FL
Catherine Darby from Littleton, CO
Erica Davis from West Bath, ME
Stella Dawson  from Culloden, WV
Clinton Day from Sarasota, FL
Lacey De Vlaming from Clearwater, FL           
Karen DeFelice from St. Petersburg, FL
Kathryn DeLee from San Antonio, TX
Amanda DePotty from Williston, FL
Georgiena DiMaggio from Ruidoso, NM
Melissa DiStaula from Wakefield, MA
Nicole Dixon    from Clearwater, FL
Kalina Dolejsi from Waco, TX
Jason Dorfman from Littleton, CO
Jessie Drechsel from Forest, VA
Christopher Dubroff from Swarthmore, PA
Rebecca Dundon from Lexington, KY
Rachel Dyer from Topsham, ME
Brenda Ehrke from Largo, FL
Einar Thor Einarsson from St. Petersburg, FL
Elizabeth Eiroa Gomez from Nassau, Bahamas
Lena Eisenman from Wilmington, DE
Summar Elguindy from Melbourne Beach, FL
Douglas Elliott from Bradenton, FL
Patricia Elliott   from St. Petersburg, FL
Bradley Ennis   from Washington, DC
Janice Eyerman from Gulfport, FL
Alissa Fabian from Rosebush, MI
Christine Fields from Princeton, NJ
Matthew Fisher from Durham, NC
Timothy Flamboe from Seminole, FL
Kyle Flanagan from St Petersburg, FL
Cairistiona Flatley from San Juan Capistrano, CA
John Fletcher from Uxbridge, United Kingdom
Patrick Foote from St. Petersburg, FL
Catherine Forrest from Toledo, OH
Amanda Foster from East Kingston, NH
Erik Frechette from Oldsmar, FL
Coleman Frick from Ann Arbor, MI
Zoe Friedman from New Port Richey, FL
Sean Gallaher from Clearwater, FL
John Ganz from Erie, PA
Stephanie Garcia-Martinez from Lennox, CA
Patrick Gardner from Apopka, FL
Dawn Gari from Tampa, FL
Lance Garner from Baltimore, MD
David George from St. Petersburg, FL
Simon George from St. Petersburg, FL
Mike Gerhard from St. Petersburg, FL
Leslie Gervase from Holiday, FL
Melissa Ghezzi from Largo, FL
Anne Gilbert from Mansfield, OH
Charles Gilbert from Nashville, TN
Jessica Giles from Gainesville, FL
Caroline Gill
Andrea Gilson from Largo, FL
Eugene Ginn from Dunedin, FL
Michael Girardi from New Kensington, PA
Timothy Giuliano from Windsor, CT
Jacqueline Glade from Tampa, FL
Deborah Gonzalez from Tampa, FL
Georges Gonzalez from Tampa, FL
Courtney Graham from Clarksville, MD
Chrysostom Graves from Saint Cloud, FL
Elizabeth Green from Rome, GA
Kimberly Gutierrez from Lutz, FL
John Hadley from Louisville, KY
Allison Haig from Ridgewood, NJ
Scott Hale from Muskego, WI
Mary Haley from Redington Shores, FL
Daniel Harman from Boonsboro, MD
Kathryn Harrington from Clearwater, FL
Sandra Hart from St. Petersburg, FL
Lou Heckman from Plant City, FL
Jessica Heinbuch from Delmar, NY
Rebecca Helm from Flagstaff, AZ
Kristy Hendricks from Tampa, FL
Thomas Herman from Haddonfield, NJ
Bryna Herrick from New Gloucester, ME
Chadwyk Hill from Kingston, Jamaica
Amanda Hilsenbeck from Boca Raton, FL
Emma Hiolski from Oak Park, IL
William Hissey from Louisville, KY
Claudia Hoefferle from Ridgewood, NY
Maria Hoerig from Milwaukee, WI
Janelle Holder from St. Petersburg, FL
Amanda Holup from Tierra Verde, FL
David Howard from Bradenton, FL
Richard Howell from Clearwater, FL
Linda Hubner from St. Petersburg, FL
Heidi Hudson from Westhampton Beach, NY
Julie Hunt from St. Petersburg, FL
Nathan Israel from Middlebury, VT
Kristen Jabanoski from Foxboro, MA
Shelley James from St. Petersburg, FL
Jesse Johnson from Sheridan, IL
Robert Johnson from Muncie, IN
Owen Josiah from St. Petersburg, FL
James Joyner from Shreveport, LA
Rachel Kadish from East Thetford, VT
Cynthia Kalligher from Bradenton, FL
Gabrielle Kan from Flower Mound, TX
Alexandra Karnell from Hamden, CT
Elizabeth Kates from Petaluma, CA
Katharine Kaufmann from Murrysville, PA
Suzanne Keats from Clearwater, FL
Andrew Kelzer from Seminole, FL
Cassandra Kendall from Somerville, MA
Travis Keon from Glenside, PA
April Kersey-Strong from Sarasota, FL
Jennifer Kerstner from Seminole, FL
Charlotte King  from West Kingston, RI
Aubrey Klaseen from St. Petersburg, FL
Michele Knigge from St. Petersburg, FL
Kayla Knight from Bridgewater, NJ
Patrick Knowles from Dover, FL
Donna Knudsen from Clearwater, FL
Autumn Konz from Knoxville, TN
Emily Krumm from Golden Valley, MN
Kelly Landrigan from Midlothian, VA
Gabriella Landsberg from Phoenix, MD
Constance Langhorst from Tierra Verde, FL
Katharine Lapatovich from Boxford, MA
Nicole Lasasso from Quito, Ecuador
Elise Latsko from Gainesville, FL
Kristi Leach from New Port Richey, FL
Lane Leavens from Overland Park, KS
Laura LeBourdais from Harpswell, ME
Barbara Lehman from Clearwater, FL
Daniel Leibowitz from Chevy Chase, MD
Jason Lemons from Durham, NC
Caroline Leone from Bradenton, FL
Sarah Levithol from Franklin, TN
Forrest Lewinger from Athens, GA
Ariel Lewis from Freeport, ME
Paige Lewis from Birmingham, AL
Amy Lindholm from Timonium, MD
Thalia Lipsky from Fetcham, United Kingdom
Sharon Liss from Palm Harbor, FL
Emily Little from Ann Arbor, MI
Jake Loomis from Bradenton, FL
Iriana Lorduy from Wesley Chapel, FL
Lori Loveberry George from Sarasota, FL
Electra Ludwig from Fargo, ND
Andrew Lykens from Waycross, GA
Bryan Lynch from Melbourne, FL
Mettina Maggiore from Inverness, FL
Derek Makowski from Largo, FL
Matthew Manthey from Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Lindley Maryoung from Rowlett, TX
Melanie Masessa from Winter Springs, FL
Joshua Matthews-Morgan from Winterville, GA
Christopher Mattsen from Largo, FL
Ainslee McAndrew from Charlestown, RI
James McCarthy from Ponte Vedra, FL
Sara McClarnon from Otto, NC
Jacqueline McClure from Sarasota, FL
Marie McDonald from Safety Harbor, FL
Kathryn McDonough-Turner from Miami, FL
Amy McGathey from Treasure Island, FL
Julia McKee from Largo, FL
Shannon McMahon from St. Petersburg, FL
Kari McNair from Bethesda, MD
Chelsea McNiff from Concord, MA
Lori Meehan from Newtown, CT
Liandrea Menna from Clearwater, FL
Harry Merritt from Vienna, VA
Moses Michelsohn from Roswell, NM
Beth Miller from Bradenton, FL
Elizabeth Miller from Land O'Lakes, FL
Denise Millovitch from Brandon, FL
Natalie Monas from Waynesburg, PA
Sara Morales-Gutierrez from Pinellas Park, FL
Patricia Morea from Clearwater, FL
Chelsea Mosure from Dublin, OH
Alexander Moxam from Linthicum, MD
Rocio Munoz from St. Petersburg, FL
Samuel Murphy from Carrollton, TX
Sarah Murphy from East Northport, NY
Constance Murphy from Tampa, FL
Drew Murray from Groton, CT
Stephen Muscarella from Framingham, MA
Michelle Myers from Boca Raton, FL
Drake Naples from Hanover, NH
Ryan Nazar from Louisville, KY
Colleen Nee from Oldsmar, FL
Anne Ney from St. Petersburg, FL
Kathleen Nix from St. Petersburg, FL
Vladi Nocar from Sarasota, FL
Courtney Nosach from North Kingstown, RI
Bryan O'Carroll from Sarasota, FL
Kelly O'Connor from Marshfield, MA
Caitlin O'Grady from Newberry, FL
Brianna Olson from Nashville, TN
Zachary Ostroff from Amherst, NY
Anna Ouellette from Frenchville, ME
Darcy Overby from Prior Lake, MN
Roger Owens from St. Petersburg, FL
Ashley Palmer from Jupiter, FL
Kirk Palmer from St. Petersburg, FL
Doris Pappas from St. Petersburg, FL
Betty-Jane Parks from Gainesville, FL
Alissa Parr from Phoenix, MD
Samuel Patterson from Birmingham, AL
Adolfo Perez-Gascon from Malaga, Spain
Jessica Peterson from Newton, MA
Thomas Petty Jr. from Ocala, FL
Katherine Pfeiffer from Buffalo, NY
Katherine Phillips from Cedar Rapids, IA
Lauren Phillips from Amarillo, TX
Suzanne Phillipson from Golden, CO
Lindsay Pickett from Eagan, MN
Lyle Polyak from Clearwater, FL
Holly Poore from Lunenburg, VT
Zoe Pratte from Basalt, CO
Andrew Prince from Oldsmar, FL
Meagan Putts from Willowbrook, IL
Zoe Raab from Colorado Springs, CO
Lily Raines from Auburn, AL
Emory Rainey   from Nashville, TN
Stefan Ransom from Ashland, OR
Marci Reedy from St. Petersburg, FL
Linda Rendleman from Tampa, FL
Ashley Rhodes-Courter from St. Petersburg, FL
Alissa Ritter from Naples, FL
Nicole Rivers from Saint Louis, MO
Rachel Robbins from Murdock, FL
Mary Roberts from Tampa, FL
Amy Robinson from Punta Gorda, FL
Katherine Robinson from Bradenton, FL
Shannon Rooney from Largo, FL
Nicholas Rosenthal from Gaithersburg, MD
Renee Rossiter from Sarasota, FL
James Rotondi from Orland Park, IL
Deborah Rule from Tampa, FL
Rajeev Rupani from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Jacob Russ from Cape Coral, FL
Laura Russell from Stockbridge GA
Matthew Russell from Tampa, FL
Eric Sabin from Clearwater, FL
Deborah Sadler from Wheaton, IL
Amber Sagardia from Tampa, FL
Jeffrey Sage from Trinity, FL
Ronald Sammond Jr. from Edison, NJ
Amy Santee from St. Petersburg, FL
Michael Scace from Oakdale,   CT
Heather Schafer from Palmetto, FL
Ashley Schmidt from Gainesville, FL
Kelly Schmidt from Syosset, NY
Angela Schmidt from Palmetto, FL
Katherine Schreiber from New York, NY
Samantha Schwegmann from Peoria, IL
Amanda Sciarrotta from Safety Harbor, FL
Mikaela Selby from Portland, OR
Anastasiya Sepikova from Webster Groves, MO
Emily Sepler-King from Mendota Heights, MN
Susanne Shahab from St. Petersburg, FL
Bethany Sherwin from Clearwater, FL
Mariko Shewmake from Gulfport, FL
Kelleigh Simpson from St. Petersburg, FL
Caroline Smith from Dunbar, WV
Lauren Smith from Mill Valley, CA
Violet Smith from Vergennes, VT
Junetta Smith from Largo, FL
Shantell Smithson from St. Petersburg, FL
Heather Sorrells from Pinellas Park, FL
Margaret Stack from Sarasota, FL
Anthony Stallo from St. Petersburg, FL
Martina Steinbockova from Brno, Czech Republic
Kate Stephens  from Palm Harbor, FL
Zachary Stewart from Mena, AR
Christine Stockholm from St. Petersburg, FL
Andrew Stoffa from Rices Landing, PA
Jessica Stone from Hixson, TN
Christopher Stopera from Niskayuna, NY
Samantha Symon from Spring Green, WI
Alaina Tackitt from Tampa, FL
Sarah Taraba from Maitland, FL
Elisabeth Taylor from New Canaan, CT
Jonathan Tennis from Tampa, FL
Jonathan Terry from Seminole, FL
Donald Thompson from Valrico, FL
Jessica Tkacik from Saco, ME
Allison Todd from Streetsboro, OH
Randy Toomajanian from St. Petersburg, FL
Olesea Tran from Clearwater, FL
Galway Traynor from St. Petersburg, FL
Ryan Trettevik from Bellevue, WA
Arthur Turrell from Sarasota, FL
Yasmin Uriel from Tarpon Springs, FL
Rosalie Van Skyhawk from Tampa, FL
Betsy VanderVoort from St. Petersburg, FL
Ivanela Vasileva from Varna, Bulgaria
Christopher Velez from Land O Lakes, FL
Lindsey Verbance from Tampa, FL
Patricia Viscomi from Pinellas Park, FL
Grahame Vittorini from Newport News, VA
Rikki Voss from Tampa, FL
Justin Walker from Montgomery, AL
Sandy Walker from Seminole, FL
Alexandra Wallace from New York, NY
James Wallace III from West Palm Beach, FL
Randee Weiss from Tampa, FL
Christina Welter from Fairfax, VA
Angela White from Virginia Beach, VA
Lesly White from Land O Lakes, FL
Alexa Whittle from Prospect, KY
Daniel Widener from Greenville, SC
Christie Wilcox from Wardsboro, VT
Dana Willard from Jacksonville, FL
Jessica Williams from Stonington, CT
Katrina Williams from St. Petersburg, FL
Sharon Williams from Clearwater, FL
Jami Wolf from Northfield, MN
Gabrielle Wolk from Highland Park, IL
Jennifer Wollschlager from Rochester, MN
Brittany Wright from Asheville, NC
Emily Wright from Hamilton Square, NJ
Kaela Wuesthoff from Cincinnati, OH
Jie Xiong from Wuhan, China
Michelle Yi from Niceville, FL
Michael Yunker from Seattle, WA
Sarah Zandi from St. Petersburg, FL
Brian Zielinski from Voorhees, NJ
Brittany Zurschmit from Riverview, FL

College Program Series

Each semester, selected events are designated for the College Program Series (CPS). The majority of events are open to the public, but please check the schedule as some events are reserved for members of the Eckerd College community. Learn more.


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