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Online Graduation Audit for Students

You can now track your progress toward your degree through the section of the EC Web where you check your grades (directions below).  You will find the following:

  • Summary Page - a quick look at the requirements you have met and not met
  • Graduation Audit / Degree Plan – a detailed review of your requirements and courses
  • Other Courses-Not Used – a list of your courses which are not counting toward degree requirements (Ex. the first semester of a year-long course or an Incomplete)


  • An area will show "met" if you have registered for a course that fulfills it.
  • The Graduation Audit is refreshed every night so you won't see changes until the next day.
  • This is an UNOFFICIAL evaluation subject to review by your mentor and the college.


  1. Go to myEckerd.
  2. Log on to the EC Web using your email name and password.
  3. Click on Student.
  4. Click on Student Records.
  5. Click on Graduation Audit / Degree Plan.
  6. Select the latest term (do not choose a PEL term).
  7. Click on the highlighted Program link.

College Program Series

Each semester, selected events are designated for the College Program Series (CPS). The majority of events are open to the public, but please check the schedule as some events are reserved for members of the Eckerd College community. Learn more.


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