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Residence Life

Residence Life

RA Frequently Asked Questions

Are RAs required to document a certain number of incidents?

Absolutely not! RAs are trained to document violations of College policy that he/she sees in the residence halls or on rounds, but there is no required amount of incidents to document.

Can you be an RA and still have fun?

ABSOLUTELY! All RAs enjoy social lives apart from their duties as a Resident Advisor. However, through their jobs, most RAs develop friendships with each other and the residents of the houses in which they reside. Furthermore, Eckerd College Residence Life offers several events throughout the year for all the RAs to get together off campus for a day of care-free fun.

Are RAs allowed to drink?

As long as an RA is of the legal drinking age and is not on duty, he/she is allowed to drink responsibly.

If I have gotten into trouble in the past, am I still eligible to be an RA?

Yes. Honesty is the key in these situations. All conduct records are checked for each RA applicant so be honest in your interview and on your application when asked about past incidents in which you were involved.

What compensation will I receive for being an RA?

An RA receives a stipend of up to $2500.00 for the academic year. In addition to this stipend, the RA receives a free room (except in Sigma and Omega, where the RA receive a greatly discounted room rate).

An Unassigned RA receives a stipend of $1,000.00 for the academic year.

Do I have to keep a certain GPA to be an RA?

All RAs are expected to have at least a 2.5 GPA.

How often do I have to do rounds?

Typically, an RA is on duty 2 weekends per semester (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and 3 weekdays a semester.

Am I required to document my friends?

While it is always the hope of every RA and Residence Life staff member that they will not have to document anyone during their tenure with Residence Life, it is an unfortunate truth that it is sometimes inevitable. In those cases where a friend(s) of an RA is involved, the RA is still expected to do their job and document policy violations as necessary.

What is the RA Class?

The RA Class is a one credit course taken over 2 semesters. The class covers a variety of issues RAs may face and is mandatory for all first year RAs. The class meets once a week and features guest speakers in addition to regular course work.

What is RA Training?

RA Training generally refers to the month of Autumn Term where all of the RAs return to Eckerd early and go through a one month training process to cover as much of the RA job as possible.

Activities during training include learning how to deal with crisis situations, looking for warning signs of distressed residents or residents that may need assistance from professional counselors, and how to program effectively within the houses to promote community.

Do I have to come back to Eckerd in August if I want to be an RA?

Yes! History has shown us that RAs who have not gone through the duration of RA training with their fellow RAs have a difficult time trying to make up the training and bonding with their peers. Also, the training is very intense during Autumn Term and it is usually imperative that you get as much training as possible before your residents arrive.

What if I have more questions – who can I talk to?

Residence Life staff are available to answer other questions you have about the position. You can email reslife@eckerd.edu with questions or stop by our office in Brown Hall.

Want to be a RA?

Becoming a Resident Advisor is a great way to become a campus resource, get involved with positive programming on campus, and make a difference in the lives of your fellow students. Contact the Residence Life Office about available opportunities.

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