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Residence Life

Residence Life

Guest and Visitor Policy

Guest Registration formAll registered students must properly register their guests with the Offices of Residence Life and Campus Safety and Security. The student host must fill out the online Guest Registration form prior to the visit. It is the responsibility of the host to then acquire a guest card form the Office of Campus Safety and Security or to register their guest with Campus Safety at the Front Gate when the guest enters the campus.

  • Students are only allowed two registered guests at one time.
  • Guests are allowed to be on campus for no more than three consecutive days in one or a combination of rooms, and must have prior approval from the Office of Residence Life.
  • Alumni of the College must be registered.
  • Knowingly inviting or hosting a person who has been banned from the campus is not allowed.
  • All guests must be age 17 or older.
    Guests who are 17-years-of-age must submit a waiver of responsibility from a parent or legal guardian at least 48-hours prior to their arrival. Waivers are available from the Office of Campus Safety or the Office of Residence Life. Those guests who are 17-years-of-age without a signed waiver will not be permitted on-campus.

Student Host Responsibilities
Residential students should remember that having a guest on campus is not a student's right but is a privilege.

  • Each residential student is entitled to his/her privacy.
  • Each roommate has the right to sleep and study in his/her room.
  • Prior to registering a guest, the student "host" must consult with his/her roommate and the roommate must approve the guest in advance.
  • Roommate's rights take precedence over visitation privileges.

Guest Responsibilities
Residents are responsible for their guest's behavior at all times when the guest is on College property or attending any College sponsored events.

  • The guest must provide a valid government issued driver's license or government issued identification card.
  • A guest must remain in the company of his/her host throughout the entire visit.
  • Any guest in violation of College policy or not in the presence of the host (and the host cannot be located) may be trespassed from College property.
  • The host is responsible for the actions of the guest and will face conduct action if College policies are violated by the guest.
  • Any host who violates the guest policy will be subject to conduct procedures through the Office of Community Standards.

Want to be a RA?

Becoming a Resident Advisor is a great way to become a campus resource, get involved with positive programming on campus, and make a difference in the lives of your fellow students. Contact the Residence Life Office about available opportunities.

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