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Residence Life

Residence Life

ResLife Impacts!

The impact ResLife has on student lives and experiences at Eckerd is immeasurable. Here are just a handful of students who wanted to share their thoughts on the impact of ResLife.

Camille AyreaCamille Ayrea
Class of 2014
Major: Marine Science
Minor: Spanish
House: Kappa Oberg
“Life before being an RA was a different story. Adjusting to college was somewhat difficult and ResLife is what smoothed it over. I got the chance to get to know so many incredible people that I would not have gotten to know otherwise. I have been put in situations, way out of my comfort zone, that have ultimately made my comfort zone much larger. ResLife has not only given me support to lean on when I feel down, but provided me with a chance to be that support for others.”

Ashleen BrydumAshleen Brydum
Class of 2014
Major: Communications
Minor: International Relations and Global Affairs
House: Omega 1st Floor
"ResLife has impacted me in numerous ways, half of which I am sure I don't even fully understand as of right now. I suppose that's the thing about ResLife, it affects you on a deeply personal level, in its challenges, its learning experiences, and in its community. Overall, ResLife has made me a more understanding, confident, organized person. But even more so, the way that ResLife puts you in the middle of a community, like that of Eckerd, in a way that only ResLife can do, is a unique experience in and of itself. Being a RA has given me a broader understanding of the systems behind the scenes that make a school work, and moreover, how even the "head honchos" are genuine, caring, people who are there to support you and work with you. Re Life has impacted me in that it has taught me that it is okay to lean on others, and in the end, it has shown me that the old adage really does hold true, we can do more when we work together than when we work alone."

Tiffany FlorTiffany Flor
Class of 2014
Majors: Computer Science & Mathematics
Minor: Japanese
House: Epsilon Dalton
“Over the years of being an RA, I have gotten to know and appreciate ResLife’s impact on my college career and social life. Through this program, I have truly grown to be a person I am proud to say I am. I have made connections with countless students and faculty members, improved my grades, learned how to establish community within a group of students, become more comfortable with who I am, and narrowed my goals and interests. While I am still a kid at heart and enjoy the little things in life, I have grown up immensely in terms of responsibility and respect. Working with ResLife has been both an exciting and a challenging adventure. I have met many interesting people that, had it not been for being their RA or the person they come to for advice, I would have never met. Some say I’ve missed out on certain aspects of college life, indeed, there are some crazy nights my college self would have loved to be a part of, but ultimately, I am extremely grateful for the way ResLife has challenged me, taught me, and introduced me to a variety of wonderful people all around campus.”

Claire FleishellClaire Fleishell
Class of 2014
Major: Religious Studies
House: West Lodge
“Reslife at Eckerd has really impacted my life because of the emphasis on community. Eckerd is all about building community. It really makes me happy when I can help build a family and a house within a dorm.”

Sarah LevineSarah Levine
Class of 2014
Major: Communications
Minors: Leadership Studies, Psychology
House: Gamma Newton
“Reslife has so positively impacted my time at Eckerd. I have learned the valuable experience in planning, leadership, community-building, and more. It has been so enriching and rewarding to be part of a network of smart, driven, and accomplished professionals and students. The experience has been challenging, a lot of fun, and has helped me grow tremendously both personally and professionally.”

Aya MatsunagaAya Matsunaga
Class of 2015
Major: Biochemistry and Marine Science
House: Epsilon Douglas
“The dynamic of the relationship that RAs have with their residents is very unique and is different from other relationships that most students have before coming to college. Through being an RA, I have come to appreciate how to care for others. Each day throughout the school year, I enjoy talking to my residents to see how they are doing. It makes me even more satisfied when they share small, yet personal events with me. It has taught me that sharing experiences with others brings joy, and that the more “sharing” in a dynamic, the relationship grows stronger. This may seem obvious or "cheesy", but it was an essential learning point in my career as an RA and also in my life. Since I had come to this realization, I have been applying this to my relationships not only with my residents but also with my friends and families. The improved communication is definitely enriching my relationships with others significantly. Being in ResLife and developing relationships not only with my residents, but with the entire ResLife team, and professional staff is a win-win!!!”

Maggie MillerMaggie Miller
Class of 2015
Major: Biology/Environmental Studies 
House: Kappa Leighton 
“Residence Life has impacted my life by allowing me to become a more active member of the community. It has given me the confidence to be welcomed, loved and a positive influence on the Kappa community, for which I will call home for a third year of my Eckerd career. Residence Life has also led me to new experiences with friendships and different positions at the college such as a LSDP (Leaderships and Self Discovery Practicum) Facilitator, Ford Scholar and receiving an internship with my mentor, Professor Forys.”

Kira TangneyKira Tangney
Class of 2015
Major: Economics
Minor: Spanish
House: Iota Lukens
“ResLife has given me the opportunity to work with a great group of people and develop leadership skills.”

Miranda WatrousMiranda Watrous
Class of 2014
Major: Anthropology
Minors: Human Development & French
House: Omega 2nd Floor
“ResLife has utterly changed my college experience. It's given me the opportunity to meet and work closely with some of the most inspiring peers. It has allowed me to push myself creatively and to grow as a leader. Being an RA connects me to so many more people and opportunities on campus. ResLife has really felt like my “family” at school, and teaches me how to inspire that “family feeling” in my own dorm.”

Want to be a RA?

Becoming a Resident Advisor is a great way to become a campus resource, get involved with positive programming on campus, and make a difference in the lives of your fellow students. Contact the Residence Life Office about available opportunities.

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