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Road Scholar

Road Scholar

October-November St. Petersburg

Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks, Marge and Gower Champion, Danny Kaye and Sylvia Fine
October 20-25, 2013
Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks First brought together on Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows, Reiner and Brooks created some of the best skits in comedy history. Rediscover the works of these comic geniuses through lectures, stories and performance clips.
Marge Gower Champion The immensely popular husband-and-wife dance team created some of the most visually stunning and groundbreaking dance scenes in movie musicals of the 1950s. Explore their lives and experience their dance both as a couple and individual performers.
Danny Kaye and Sylvia Fine He was the actor/comedian of stage, screen, radio, and TV. She was the architect of his most famous material. They worked together for over four decades creating a series of American classics. Step into their lives and careers.

The French Experience
Program# 9235
November 10-15, 2013
Bienvenue! Welcome to France — without the travails of international travel. Explore the great French culture through its art, architecture, music, literature and cuisine. Learn about the great age of French cathedrals, the inventiveness of novelists such as Flaubert and Zola, and the stage works of Molière. Survey the wine regions and then take part in a wine tasting session. End the week with an authentic French meal.

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Featured Program

The Thrill of Flight
Program # 16190
Dates: January 12-17, 2014

To fly, to soar into the heavens has captivated people since Icarus mythologically put on wings and flew toward the sun. Learn about the many ways flight has impacted our lives and see what’s behind the thrill (a mixture of excitement and fear) that almost everyone experiences the first time they feel the rush of takeoff and look out the window of an airliner at the receding earth below. Return to the beginning of scheduled air travel when in January 1914, the very first airliner flew from St. Petersburg to Tampa. Explore the world’s largest private collection of vintage aircraft. Tour the award-winning Tampa International and a small private airport. Hear pilots and flight experts bring to life the history of aviation and the triumphs of famous aviators and speculate on the future of flight. Learn more.