Campus Safety and Security

Campus Safety and Security

Golf Cart Policy


This Golf Cart Safety Policy provides specific standards to ensure the safety of all persons operating or riding a golf cart on the Eckerd College campus.


  1.  Operators must possess a valid driver's license.
  2. All operators must view the Eckerd College Golf Cart Training Video and pass a written test administered after viewing the video.
  3. Operators must obey all motor vehicle, traffic rules and regulations.
  4. Never overload the golf cart with people, equipment or other objects.
  5. Always lock and secure the golf cart when not in use.
  6. Never leave the keys in the golf cart when unattended.
  7. Never operate the golf cart with more passengers than it is designed to hold.
  8. Always keep hands, arms, feet and legs inside the golf cart when in motion.
  9. Golf carts should be used on campus streets whenever possible.
  10. If a golf cart must be operated on the sidewalk, it should be for emergencies only, remembering that the pedestrian always has the right of way.
  11. Operators will not drive a golf cart while under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or medications that cause drowsiness.


Directors and Deans:

  1. Shall be responsible for assuring that all individuals in their department, who will operate a golf cart, receive a copy of this policy.
  2. Shall be responsible for assuring that all individuals in their department comply and meet the requirements of the Golf Cart Safety Policy.
  3. Shall assure that each golf cart used by their department, is scheduled for, and receives preventative maintenance.


  1. Shall acknowledge and comply with this golf cart safety policy.
  2. Will report all accident involving a golf cart to their immediate supervisor and to the Campus Safety and Security Department (864-8260).
  3. If an accident involves an injury or property damage, an incident report must be completed at the time of the incident by the Campus Safety and Security Department.
  4. If an injury was sustained, and accident/injury report must be filled out completely by the operator and their immediate supervisor and submitted to the Human Resources office (864-8332) within 24 hours of the incident.


  1. Parking will only be permitted in designated areas.
  2. Parking in unauthorized areas of the campus is subject to citation.
  3. When parked, golf carts must be properly secured and locked.
  4. Do not block entrances to buildings, stairways, disability ramps or other main egress patterns.

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