Campus Safety and Security

Campus Safety and Security

Key Policy

1.0  Introduction

Eckerd College is committed to faculty and staff to have convenient access, when needed, to all work areas with as little restriction as possible, while at the same time maintaining key security, institutional security and preventing unauthorized access to buildings and rooms within the campus.

2.0  Purpose

  • To establish and implement an effective key control policy
  • To provide legitimate access for personnel
  • To establish procedures for the issuance and return of keys
  • To establish accountability for keys issued to personnel

3.0   Policy

  1. Keys will be issued to an individual and are nontransferable.  They are only issued upon submission of a completed key request form, which can be obtained from the Office of Campus Safety and Security and must be signed out by the recipient.  When the request for a key coincides with the need for a personnel action form, attach both forms and route through appropriate administrative channels.  When the period of authorization is over or the individual is no longer an employee of the College, the keys are to be returned to the Human Resource Office.
  2. The policy and its enforcement are the responsibility of the Campus Safety & Security Department.
  3. Each Campus Executive Officer, Dean, or department head shall appoint a Key Coordinator for each department or Collegium.
  4. The Key Coordinator should have sufficient knowledge of the programs and personnel in the college, department, or area to ensure that keys are not issued to individuals which would provide access to areas other than those to which they are assigned.
  5. The Campus Safety & Security Department shall maintain a comprehensive key file updated regularly.   
  6. All key request forms should be routed through appropriate channels and approved by the appropriate Dean or Divisional Director for the area.  The individual receiving the key(s) must sign for the key(s).  Key Coordinators can pick up keys, if the proper signatures are on the key request forms.  The Key Coordinator will also need to sign for the keys.
  7. All keys, particularly master keys, will be approved for issue to   individuals who have demonstrated a reoccurring need for such key and have obtained prior authorization from an Executive Officer, Dean, or Department Head.  Issuance of master keys will be kept to a minimum. Daily check-out of specific keys from the Campus Safety& Security Department, for access to buildings and rooms when not needed on a long-term reoccurring basis, will be encouraged.
  8. All Student Research Associates must have demonstrated a reoccurring need for a college issued key and have prior authorization from an Executive Officer, Dean, or Departmental Head. Student Research Associates can obtain an authorized, college issued key by following the same procedures as those for faculty and staff (see #6). Student Research Associates who loss or do not return a college key will be charged the basic fine of $100.00 per key.
  9. Eckerd College will issue building and room access keys to persons who have contractual agreements with the college, only when access to the facilities cannot be achieved following established Eckerd College Campus Safety& Security Department locking and unlocking procedures.  Persons accessing facilities are expected to have advanced authorization from their supervisor.

4.0 Policy Enforcement 

To ensure the proper issuance of keys, the following authorizations are necessary:

  1. Residence Hall Door - Failure to sign out a room key may result in the cancellation of housing.  Keys must be returned when occupancy is terminated.  If a key is lost or not returned after occupancy is terminated, the cost (varies by building) of re-coring the lock and making new keys is charged to the resident(s).  All keys are property of the College and may not be duplicated.  Existing locks may not be altered and auxiliary locks are not allowed.  The unauthorized use or possession of residence hall key(s) other than those assigned is prohibited and may result in removal from the residence halls.
  2. Office Door - An office door key will be issued by the Campus Safety & Security Department to an individual assigned to an office, laboratory, or room upon written notification by the Key Coordinator of the department or collegium.
  3. Exterior Door - An exterior door key will be assigned to an individual who has an office, laboratory, or room in a building with a need for routine access to the facility.  A request for an exterior key needs to be submitted in writing by the Key Coordinator of the Department or Collegium.
  4. Department Sub Master - A departmental or collegial sub-master key will be issued to an individual upon written notification from the Dean or Department Head of the area.  In providing the authorization, the Dean or Department Head acknowledges that this person has the authority to enter areas assigned to others, such as offices, storage, and supply areas within the department or collegial area.
  5. Building Master - A building master key will be issued, only with written authorization from each department head whose department occupies a portion of the building and the Dean or Department Head of the area.  This approval indicates that the individual to whom the key is to be issued has authorization to access all the areas in this specific building.
  6. Grand Master - A grand master may only be issued with the written authorization from the Director of Campus Safety & Security.
  7. Accountaility - The Key Coordinator will pickup and sign for keys from the Campus Safety & Security Department.  Keys issued shall be documented by the Key Coordinator on appropriate forms.  No key is to be transferred from one person to another without being returned to the Campus Safety & Security Department for reissue.
  8. Loss of a Key - The loss of any Eckerd College issued key must be reported promptly to the Campus Safety& Security Department who will determine the extent of the security breach incurred by the loss of the key.  The individual who signed for the key will be responsible for any costs associated with the number of locks and keys changed in order to restore security to the facility. The basic fine for the loss of any Eckerd College issued key is $100.00
  9. Duplication - All keys are the property of Eckerd College and are not to be duplicated by any faculty, staff, student, contractor, or vendor.
  10. Temporary Key Issuance - Employees and contractors are required to sign out keys on a daily basis from the Campus Safety & Security Department.  Keys must be returned to the Campus Safety & Security Department at the end of the day.
  11. Return of Keys - Faculty & staff who are no longer employed by the College must return all issued keys to Human Resources.  Human Resources will return the keys to the Campus Safety & Security Department. 

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