Campus Safety and Security

Campus Safety and Security

How to File a Formal Complaint with the College

A complaint may be filed with the College by reporting the incident to Campus Safety (727-864-8260) or the Dean of Students office in Brown Hall (727-864-8421). Designated staff members in these offices will provide assistance in filing a complaint and explaining the College's follow-up process.

In a report, do your best to document all stalking incidents by stating the date, time, place, event and any witnesses to the incident. Save any evidence such as notes, photos, objects, gifts, printed e-mail messages, text messages or any other electronic communication, and recorded voice messages. All reports will be investigated in a thorough and timely manner.

If there is sufficient evidence to suggest a policy violation, the College will make a determination as to whether to proceed with a formal conduct hearing. (See The Procedures for Conduct Action section of the EC-Book.)

During the investigation and until resolution of the matter, certain restrictions may be issued as deemed appropriate, including but not limited to, restrictions on contact between the complainant and the accused student, exclusion from specified areas of campus, and removal or relocation from residential areas.

The term "Intrusive Contact" is language borrowed from Cornell University, College of Human Ecology.

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