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"The field that I‘ve chosen for my graduate study demands a knowledge not just of developmental biology and evolutionary theory but also genetics, cell biology, chemistry -- even ecology."
- Rebecca Helms ’07, Ph.D. candidate at Brown University

Under an enormous white tent on Kappa Field, Eckerd says goodbye to 140 science majors every spring. Some of them head straight for graduate school, others for jobs as wildlife biologists, shark ethologists, environmental scientists and geologists. A number of them take time off to serve in the Peace Corps or travel.

But wherever their passions lead them, each takes the same skills with them: The ability to think critically, do original research, and communicate their findings in a compelling way. Thanks to their liberal arts background, they’re also able to see their work in the larger context.

  • The med school acceptance rate of our students is about 60%, while the national average hovers around 40%.
  • Approximately two-thirds of Eckerd biology graduates go on to study at some of the most prestigious medical and graduate schools in the nation. They go on to work in prestigious medical centers, national nonprofits and research institutions.
  • Chemistry majors start careers in forensics, atmospheric chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, DNA structural research, cosmetic chemistry and medicine. We've even graduated a professional baseball player, a college president and a professional chef.
  • Environmental Studies graduates go into natural resource management, urban planning, landscape architecture, environmental law and policy, scientific journalism, public health, nature photography, nature filmmaking, and environmental art. Roughly one-third goes on to graduate or professional school within 5 years of leaving Eckerd.
  • Marine Science majors work in research labs, government agencies, private consulting firms, industry, public aquaria and educational institutions from secondary to collegiate levels. More than half go on to graduate school after leaving Eckerd.

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Rebecca Helm '07<br>Marine Science
Jeffrey Ackley '08<br>Biology
Jenna Behnke '15<br>Biology
Barbara Del Castello '15<br>Biology
Johnny Wardman '07<br> Marine Science
Olestor Benson '74 <br> Marine Biology
Carlos Barbas '85<br> Chemistry, Physics
Austin Carmack '13<br>Biology

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