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Sciences at Eckerd

Center for Molecular and Life Sciences

A Global View

“We want our science students to be global citizens who are thoughtful about the impact of the work they do.”
- Dr. Suzan Harrison ’78, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty

Many science students are initially drawn to Eckerd by our Marine Science Program. Students in the sciences can jump right in and begin their science coursework. But because Eckerd is a liberal arts college, all incoming students also will be exposed to a breadth of classes. Which turns out to be a good thing for many – by sampling a variety of courses, they soon find their true love.

The value of a liberal education

As a liberal arts and sciences college, Eckerd has an advantage in educating future scientists. By exposing you to literature, history, philosophy, music and art, you gain understanding. Yes, you'll gain a technical vocabulary, but you'll also get an education that holds curiosity, creativity, imagination and beauty in high esteem.

After all, the creative impulse that produced Shakespearean sonnets, Chopin études and the surrealist canvases of Salvador Dalí also prompted the scientific advances of the 20th century. By nurturing the creative impulse in future science students, we hope to fuel the innovation our future demands.

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Fort De Soto
Fire ant
Denise Flaherty
Passion flower
Research opportunities
Shannon Bean
Living Laboratory
Onion skin
Vitamin C
American Chemical Society
Petri Dishes
Test tubes
Vitamin D
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