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Service Learning

Service Learning

Nicaragua: Spring Break 09


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Our trip to Nicaragua was an experience to say the least. It was the first time most of us had been to Central America, and the first time many were emerged in a culture they were not familiar with. Considering most did not speak a lick of Spanish, it was for some difficult to adapt and even more so communicate. It was the work that we did in the beginning that we enjoyed the most. We were in La Paz digging holes for bio-gas systems, and we felt that our hard work was much appreciated as well as needed. The work we did digging these holes will benefit them for years to come, and for that we feel really great.

Managua was a completely different situation. Here, we were working with the Women in Action group. A group of battered and abused women that have come together to give themselves an escape from their regular lives. It was in Managua, where our comprehension of the poverty level was blown away. These women showed strength beyond anything I had seen before. Even with their horrible circumstances they were able stay hopeful and show us love. I wish we could have done more for the women, other than give them our friendship, but at the end of the day that is exactly what they needed. Most of my group members wanted to do things for them other then hang out and be friends, but friends is what they truly needed. I think that we all learned a great deal from the Women in Action group including: be grateful for what we have love, care, and work hard because life can go in any direction.

Our time in Nicaragua was short and eye-opening. It's hard to make an impact in that little of time, but I feel that we helped as much as we could. I can only hope the people we encountered feel the same way.

View photos from Nicaragua

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