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Service Learning

Service Learning

Uruguay: Spring Break 06


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The trip began with 43 hours of travel, sleeping in the airport, on the ferry, in the bus station, and finally on the bus to our site at La Coronilla. We arrived to our site very early in the morning. We then had a chance to sleep for the first time; it was a great feeling lying down in a bed. The next day started out with being educated about the Karumbe Project and Sea Turtles in Uruguay. The presentation was given by our site leader Mariana Rios. We then had a tour of the base camp were we met the researchers who were from all over the world and spoke many different languages. Here at the base camp they lived by cooking meals on a fire and taking cold showers as they performed their research.

The next day we began our 1.5 hour hike to our site to work for the day, it was beautiful scenery and the waves were incredible as we walked along the beach. During the week we were broken into a few different groups. One group was responsible for capturing sea turtles, and three other groups were put in various high points to help sight turtles for the people in the water, along with two groups walking the beaches doing a census looking for animals alive and dead. By lunch time came on Tuesday we had caught our first turtle and it was the biggest one caught by the project and the members were so excited. The first day we caught two turtles. The next two days the weather did not cooperate with us as much as we would have wanted. On the last day of service, we hit the jack pot. One turtle was captured and tagged and two more were found during the census walk towards Brazil. We started out well and finished on a high note.

After our service we began to travel back the way we came. We stopped in Montevideo, Uruguay for one night. We had a chance to see many of the cities sites, food, and sounds. After that we traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina where we had a chance to see the many street markets, music, street performers, antique markets, and even the hard rock cafŽ. After all was said and done it was a once in a lifetime experience and it will be hard to ever forget.

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