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Staff Council

About Staff Council

Mission Statement

The Eckerd College Staff Council serves in an advisory capacity to the President and to Executive Staff on issues of importance to the general College staff. The Council facilitates communication between staff and the College community and works with Human Resources to accomplish its goals.

Staff Council seeks to provide staff with opportunities to contribute to and participate in its mission. Specifically, Staff Council strives to:
  • Advocate on behalf of staff,
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration between staff and students, faculty, administrators, and other members of the College community,
  • Facilitate staff representation and participation in college-wide committees,
  • Recognize the value of staff contributions through celebratory events,
  • Identify and recommend professional development opportunities for staff,
  • Educate staff about the Council and its role on campus.

Staff Council organizes programs and activities throughout the year that support and recognize staff for their contributions to the College.


Download Bylaws (PDF)

I. Council Organization

Staff Council will be comprised of representatives from seven functional areas:
  • Academic Affairs (Collegial staff, library, Registrar, Dean of Faculty office)
  • Admissions and Financial Aid
  • President's Office, Communications, and Advancement
  • Business and Finance
  • Information Technology Services
  • Special Programs and PEL
  • Student Affairs (includes Campus Safety, Waterfront, and Athletics)
  • Executive Staff Appointee (non-voting)
  • Human Resources Liaison(s) (non-voting)
  • Past Staff Council Chair (non-voting)

These areas were selected in an effort to ensure broad representation by both job function and campus location. Each representative will have one vote for a total of seven votes.

There are 4 Executive positions on Staff Council: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary/ Treasurer and Communications Officer. Each position carries a term of one year. Each year Staff Council will elect a first year member as Vice-Chair. This person will assume the role of Chair in his/her second year. Any Staff Council member may stand for election as Secretary/Treasurer or Communications Officer. Staff Council members are eligible to stand for election as Secretary/Treasurer or Communications Officer in consecutive years.

In an effort to maintain open communication with all areas of campus the Vice-Chair will serve as Faculty Liaison, and the Student Affairs representative will serve as Student Liaison (see section IV - Duties for more information).

Staff Council shall conduct most of its business through committees. The focus of committees may change from time to time, depending on the interests of Staff Council and the needs of the College. Each committee will be chaired by a Staff Council member, who will annually put out a call to all staff for volunteer members. Final selection of volunteer committee members will be at the discretion of the committee chair. Volunteers may seek membership on the same committee in multiple and sequential years; however, as one of the goals of committees is to increase participation in Council matters by a broad cross-section of staff, committee chairs are encouraged to select new volunteers wherever possible.

Committee goals will be set by the Staff Council Chair and the Committee Chair. Committee meeting dates and agendas will be set by committee chairs. Committee chairs will be sensitive to the work schedules of all committee members when setting meeting dates and times.

Each Committee will submit an annual report, including an assessment of progress made against initial goals and recommendations for the incoming Committee Chair. Annual reports will be submitted to Staff Council in April.

Health and Wellness activities will be led by Human Resources. Human Resources may choose to form a Health & Wellness committee, to be chaired by Human Resources or its designate. Membership guidelines, agendas, and goals of Health & Wellness committees will be set by Human Resources. Health & Wellness committees will submit annual reports to the Staff Council Chair in April.

II. Meetings, Agenda and Voting

Staff Council will meet once monthly. Special meetings may be called by the Chair. Notice of special meetings shall be given two days in advance, if possible, and announced by the Staff Chair. The Chair sets the meeting schedule in June each year. Meetings are open to all staff; however, staff in attendance are not to address Council until recognized by the Chair.

Agendas are set by the Chair, but will include annual updates and reports from key offices and groups including, but not limited to, Business and Finance, Enrollment Management, Advancement, Master Plan Committee, Emergency Management, and ITS. Each monthly agenda will, at minimum, include: a report from the Secretary/Treasurer; reports from the chair of each standing committee; issues from the floor. Agendas will be sent to all staff in advance of meetings, and staff will be invited to suggest items for the agenda.

A quorum of five voting members is required to propose a motion for a vote and then to pass the motion. A simple majority vote is required.

III. Election and Terms of Members

Full-time employees of Eckerd College are eligible to serve on the Staff Council, not including contract service providers (although contract personnel may bring issues before the council and may also send a representative to council meetings as needed).

Nominations and Elections:
Staff Council representatives will work with their respective constituency areas to solicit nominees for election to Council. The representatives will also assist their areas with holding an election process to select new Council members.

The Eckerd College staff in each area will cast votes to determine who from the list of nominees will represent them. Staff in each identified constituency area will only vote for nominees for their area. The nominees with the greatest number of votes will fill the vacancies on the Staff Council.

Runners-up will receive alternate status: if a representative resigns from Council the runner-up will replace the representative for the remainder of that representative's term.

Ideally, Staff Council members will be elected on the basis of their objectivity and competence, their commitment to the overall mission of the college, and the high regard in which they are held by the Eckerd College community.

Election Schedule:
Staff Council elections will be completed by April 15. An approximate timeline for elections is as follows:
March 15: Announcement of elections
March/April: Nominations accepted, elections held
April 15: Results announced
June 1: Terms begin

Members of Staff Council will serve for one two-year term; upon conclusion of that term members may seek re-election for one additional two-year term. Individuals interested in serving after their second term expires may seek election again after a one term (two year) hiatus.

Terms will be staggered so that no more than 4 positions will be vacated in any given year.

Terms will run June 1 through May 31 of the following year. The Chair will serve for one year and then shall serve as a non-voting advisor for the following year.

IV. Duties

Staff Council Chair
The Chair will:
1. Communicate with the President and Executive Staff, channeling matters of interest and concern from the staff to the administration of the College.
2. Attend the meetings of the Board of Trustees and, upon invitation by the Board, report on staff related matters.
3. Meet with the President as necessary/appropriate.
4. Present to the President a proposed agenda before each general staff meeting.
5. Ensure that Staff Council minutes are distributed to staff.

The Vice Chair will:
1. Assume chair responsibilities in the absence of the chair.
2. Act as Faculty Liaison and attend (observe) Faculty meetings as a non-voting member.

The Secretary/Treasurer will:
1. Take minutes and submit the minutes to the staff chair for review in a timely manner.
2. Review and approve (as appropriate) all bills/invoices and submit them for payment.
3. Review the budget monthly, and present financial updates to the Council at each meeting.

Communications Officer
The Communications Officer will:
1. Ensure that the web-site is up-to-date
2. Assist the Chair with communications to staff
3. Maintain the Staff Council email account
4. Develop and initiate ways to communicate Staff Council events and news with all staff.

Student Liaison
The Student Affairs representative will act as a Student Liaison, and will communicate regularly with ECOS and other student-related groups on issues that relate to both staff and students.

Executive Staff Appointee
Executive Staff may appoint one member each year. The Executive Staff Appointee may be any member of the College staff and is a non-voting member of Council. The appointee will provide guidance on matters of particular concern to Executive Staff.

Human Resources Liaison
The Human Resources liaison is a non-voting member of Council. The liaison will act as a resource for Council, providing guidance and information on matters concerning policy.

Staff Council Members
Staff Council members will:
1. Attend and participate in monthly Staff Council meetings.
2. Communicate frequently and regularly with their respective constituencies, sharing minutes, soliciting feedback, and encouraging participation in Staff Council events and committees.
3. Participate in establishing the agendas for Council and General Staff meetings.
4. Abide by the guidelines outlined in the Staff Council Code of Conduct.

V. General Staff Meetings

The full staff will meet with the President at the discretion of the President, generally three times per year. The agendas for these meetings will be set by the Chair in consultation with Staff Council, Human Resources, and the President.

VI. Staff Council Meetings

Staff Council will meet once monthly. Additional special meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chair.

These Guidelines shall be adopted and become effective March 15, 2012.

Staff Council Code of Conduct

Staff Council Code of Conduct

  1. Staff Council members are required to attend meetings regularly. If a Staff Council member is not able to attend a meeting, he/she needs to contact the Chair at least one day before the meeting. Members who miss two or more meetings may be asked to step down.
  2. If a Staff Council member would like to resign, s/he must submit a letter of resignation to the Chair.
  3. Staff Council members are expected to use discretion when discussing confidential matters that may come before Council.
  4. Staff Council members have the duty to make decisions in the interest of all staff members and should exercise that duty when voting on any issue.
  5. Staff Council members must act honestly by declaring any private interests relating to their public duties.
  6. Staff Council strives for transparency; wherever possible and appropriate, members must be as open as possible about decisions made and actions taken by Council.
  7. Staff Council members must treat others with respect at all times.

Staff Council Roster

Officers and Voting Members

  • Chair: Martin Wortman | Department: Program for Experienced Learners | Email / Ext. 8226
  • Co-chair: Jacqueline MacNeil | Department: Dean of Faculty Office | Email / Ext. 8212
  • Andy Glynn | Department: Information Technology Services | Email / Ext. 8051
  • Patricia LeMieux | Department: Office of Admission | Email / Ext. 8846
  • Eileen McGarry | Department: Office of Financial Aid | Email / Ext. 8834
  • Sheila McLaughlin | Department: Program for Experienced Learners | Email / Ext. 7701
  • Justine Talmadge | Department: Office of Advancement | Email / Ext. 7703
  • Heather Winfield | Department: Office of Advancement | Email / Ext. 7711
  • Tonya Womack | Department: Student Affairs | Email / Ext. 7874

Non-Voting Members

  • Staff Council Liaison: Juli Greger | Department: Human Resources | Email / Ext. 7516
  • Staff Council Liaison Alternate: Liana Hemingway | Department: Human Resources | Email / Ext. 8316
  • Assistant Secretary: Janet Passman | Department: Office of Advancement | Email / Ext. 7710
  • First Alternate: Linda Johnson | Department: Natural Sciences Collegium | Email / Ext. 8423
  • Second Alternate: Harry Rauch | Department: Information Technology Services | Email / Ext. 8839
  • Third Alternate: Yvonne King | Department: Natural Sciences Collegium | Email / Ext. 8442

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Staff Council has created a Google calendar that is accessible to everyone in the Eckerd College community. Click here to access the Staff Council calendar.