Staff Council

Staff Council


Staff Council shall conduct most of its business through committees. The focus of committees may change from time to time, depending on the interests of Staff Council and the needs of the College. Each committee will be chaired by a Staff Council member, who will annually put out a call to all staff for volunteer members. Final selection of volunteer committee members will be at the discretion of the committee chair. Volunteers may seek membership on the same committee in multiple and sequential years; however, as one of the goals of committees is to increase participation in Council matters by a broad cross-section of staff, committee chairs are encouraged to select new volunteers wherever possible.

Committee goals will be set by the Staff Council Chair and the Committee Chair. Committee meeting dates and agendas will be set by committee chairs. Committee chairs will be sensitive to the work schedules of all committee members when setting meeting dates and times.

Each Committee will submit an annual report, including an assessment of progress made against initial goals and recommendations for the incoming Committee Chair. Annual reports will be submitted to Staff Council in April.

Health and Wellness activities will be led by Human Resources. Human Resources may choose to form a Health & Wellness committee, to be chaired by Human Resources or its designate. Membership guidelines, agendas, and goals of Health & Wellness committees will be set by Human Resources. Health & Wellness committees will submit annual reports to the Staff Council Chair in April.

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Staff Council has created a Google calendar that is accessible to everyone in the Eckerd College community. Click here to access the Staff Council calendar.