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The Center for Innovative Learning
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Center for Innovative Learning

Rahall Communication Center

Welcome to the Center for Innovative Learning (CIL) at Eckerd College

What is the Center for Innovative Learning?

The Center for Innovative Learning (CIL) houses the Academic Success Program, providing students resources promoting academic success.  In addition to academic coaching provided to students in individual and small group settings, the CIL offers workshops to students and faculty on issues ranging from organization and time management, to assisting faculty with developing innovative pedagogies designed to enhance the learning of divergent thinkers and the effective use of emerging technologies.  The Center collaborates with academic departments and faculty to provide a centralized location for information and resources needed to foster learning and improve academic functioning.

Under the management of the CIL's Director of Academic Programs and Research, the CIL also conducts an ongoing program of original research to advance knowledge of executive funtioning in young adults, divergent learning styles and creative cognition.

When fully implemented, the CIL will provide a state-of-the-art facility that is equipped with advanced learning technology as well as a coordinated set of personal and academic support services.  The vision of The Center is to draw together, in creative synergism, both existing and new programs and resources to create a nexus of services that allows students and faculty to gain the skills necessary to enhance academic and personal functioning. 

What we do, and how we can help

The Center for Innovative Learning provides academic support services to enhance the lives and academic success of all Eckerd students. The Center provides support and services related to:

  • academic coaching
  • enhanced study skills
  • time management and organizational abilities training
  • improved test taking skills
  • managing stress effectively

The Center also provides referrals to academic support services throughout campus, including:

  • The Writing Center
  • The Rahall Communications Lab
  • The Office of Career Planning and Applied Learning
  • Accessible Education Services
  • Course-specific tutoring

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