Sundance Acceptance

February 2, 2014 : 8:21 pm | by Chelsea Fearn | Comments (1)

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Carlisle’s Day

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And Indie film showing what Indie Films mean to me

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Post Sundance

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It would appear that we took some of the cold from Utah and brought it down to Florida with us. I find it ironic because the dark and stormy weather is perfect for movie watching; only now we have other obligations. Bits and pieces of each film play in the back of my head as if part of me is still sitting in a theatre watching the same movies over and over again.

I find myself randomly laughing at what my friends say because it reminds of a film. However when I explain why I am laughing they usually start laughing at me because they have no idea what I am talking about. The films were just so good that I want to share them with everyone right now! That way the film class can go on forever! But patience is a virtue, so I look forward to the summer, when not only can I say, “It’s good, I’ve already seen it” but I can have a conversation with him or her about the film.

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Highlights and Lowlights

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What a trip. The Sundance Film Festival was an amazing experience and one that I will surely remember. Although, all parts of the festival were amazing there are some moments that stood out more than others.

Highlights: While all the films were exceptional my experience there made it worthwhile. Maggie, Lexy and I met the composer, writer and cinematographer of Wish I Was Here, the composer had beautiful eyes and we bonded over our love of CD’s. I also met two producers in the line to Life After Beth that told me they gave up the film and wanted to see what they were missing, they both agreed it was one they should have kept. They also gave me free tickets to a couple of movies afterwards, which I thought was really nice. In my attempts of ‘Selfies with Clebrities’ the cast of the The Disobedient tried to dissuade me from thinking they were celebrities. They were up for taking the pictures but told me there was no point because they weren’t celebrities but they were celebrities to me! Also, I found it exciting to see actors and actresses roam the street like normal people, I would watch a film and then later in the day I would be having lunch with the main character! And of course my highlighted top five films were Boyhood, Happiness, Skeleton Twins, God Help the Girl, and Appropriate Behavior.

Lowlights: If you go up you must go down and God’s Pocket was definitely a downer; I know that the world isn’t full of happy endings but this movie is just very dark and depressing. The actors were good and the characters were portrayed well but the movie didn’t really quite come together. Another disappointment was when we didn’t get to meet Zach Braff. He drove by us in his car and did not look happy to be there. Also I couldn’t get into any of the clubs, not like I really wanted to but I love to dance and the bouncer were depriving me of my passion.

The good (as always) triumphed over evil, and the day was saved by my good idea and love of snow! But really I had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go back!

Sundance in a Nutshell

January 30, 2014 : 4:00 pm | by Chelsea Fearn | No Comments

Parting is such sweet sorrow. So in attmepts to be clever here is a ficticious submission to my Diary that mentions just about all the films that I saw.

Dear Diary,

Today as I was walking to the box office I was listening to ‘Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now’ by Starship, which is a great song, so naturally I was dancing and as a result I ended up slipping on the ice, which then opened up a cut that I got from shaving earlier that morning, what a great start to the day! But anyways I get to the box office and they barely have any tickets left, so I don’t even bother buying any. Instead I look for somewhere to eat, I settle on Asian cuisine and order a plate of dumplings and a huge glass of water. It’s so dry in Utah, I am constantly thirsty! Thank goodness Park City isn’t in a drought.

So I decide to waitlist a movie and the movie is playing at The Yard so I start heading over after my meal. As I’m walking, I stumble upon a cemetery, which is kind of creepy seeing as it’s so close to downtown. But what’s even creepier is that there were all theses hole near the head stones, like they had just been dug up. Totally bizarre. I finally get to the stop and I’m trying to stay warm when out of nowhere two bicyclist come rushing by, I don’t know where they were going but the chick dropped her phone that’s not good.

The movie I saw was ‘The Signal’ I thought it was pretty good, the main character was hot, and for a Sci-Fi film I liked it. After the movie I went to the Italian restaurant for dinner with the rest of the group. It was super fun, they were drinking wine and I was kind of jealous but its ok. After dinner we started heading home aka another bus stop. So as we are all waiting for the bus, (which is taking its time to get there) the city seems to turn in to a completely difference place it appears as if a whole new set of characters come out to party.

It’s a great time for people watching, and I think there was a costume party near by because a group of guys passed us wearing old Victorian clothing and they really looked the part.

So we get back to the house and immediately turn the fire on to warm up. The house we are staying in looks over a lake, I think it would be awesome if it were a hot spring, because that way I could enjoy the snow while keeping warm, everybody wins!

So as the night goes on we are all dancing, and it’s all throw back songs! Songs from the oldies and songs from our childhood and we are all dancing and having so much fun. Before I know I’m waking up to my alarm clock the next day, it’s as if I was walking around in my sleep the whole night.

Films Mentioned: Sleepwalker, Young Ones, Alive inside, Skeleton twins, Wetlands, Trip to Italy, Land ho, Boyhood, What we do in the shadows, Life after Beth, 52 Tuesdays, the disobedient, the signal.

Selfies with Chelsea

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Duck faces and peace signs; the two main components of a ‘Selfie’ and while it may seem stupid taking a picture of yourself it can be quite entertaining. The idea wasn’t original, being a part of the “Me Generation” we kind of coined the term so to mock the culture that I am currently a part of I created “Slefies with Celebrities” not only was I trying to make celebrities have a little fun I also just wanted pictures with famous people.

I knew it was going to be a challenge considering my shyness, but I decided to give it a shot. First I took pictures with them as I did with Paul Eenhorn from ‘Land Ho!’ and Steven Ellison aka Flying Lotus. Then I figured I was just taking stupid pictures with celebrities so then I asked the cast of The Disobedient to take selfies with my phone which I found to be much more exciting. They aren’t extremely well known names just people that were somewhat famous at Sundance, which is all that I wanted.

I didn’t need pictures of super famous people to show to my friends, it would have been cool don’t get me wrong but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I was only able to take three picture but they were totally worth it! I know it was a borderline silly and stupid idea but it was fun! It wasn’t meant to be serious and the celebrities had fun doing it…I think. Anyways there’s not much else to say. I wanted it to be an extensive project but me and my scattered brain made sure that didn’t happen. So I tried taking pictures of food that went along with the film I had just seen and that sort of worked. I was surprised to see that not a lot of the films had food in them. So I just stuck with slefies.

(Indie)cisive at the Sundance Film Festival

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So, it’s finally done and here is the video blog that Maggie and I have been working on. Hope you all enjoy. Thank you to everyone that helped out.

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I Play With the Phrase Each Other – A Slamdance Film

January 29, 2014 : 8:46 pm | by Connor Heckler | No Comments

I Play with the Phrase Each Other is done entirely on a cellphone, with people on cell phones. Filmed in black and white with an iPhone and a 35mm lens, the film tracks a few key characters, the awkward and nervous Jake, his attractive ex-girlfriend in turmoil Erin, the wheeler-dealer Sean, and friend-to-all Zane, all having conversations on their cellphones. Is this an old gimmick? Yes and it is not new. In fact, I wrote a screenplay with this gimmick in the seventh grade. I’ve edited plenty of stories that were similar. Phone Booth had a similar idea. However, I Play with the Phrase Each Other is good. It is one of those instances where an idea many have had, a film that is only dialogue or a film focused on phone calls, actually works instead of just sounding good.

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Sundance Wrap-Up

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I did have a great time at Sundance. As I texted Nate, our professor, on our way back from the airport, my life is now pre-sundance and post-sundance. I saw a lot of great films, I met a lot of great people, and I slept very little.

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Infinitely Polar Bear: An Insult to the Sundance Film Festival

January 29, 2014 : 8:02 pm | by Connor Heckler | No Comments

Infinitely Polar Bear is the appropriately terribly named movie that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this past week. It is, and I say this with great conviction, absolutely awful. It is the worst film I’ve seen since M.Night Shamalamadingdong’s The Happening. In fact, those two films share so much that I wonder if director Maya Forbes used it as her main inspiration. Both pieces of media (“film” would be ruined as a word if used in discussion of either of these works and “movie” gives both too much credit) have stupid titles, bad acting, bad directing, bad writing, and if both had a shot of a liquor bottle in them then advertising executives would congratulate the directors on getting every viewer to drink more. More of everything, from cheap vodka to the tequilla in the back of your parents liquor cabinet to the blue stuff in the garage. Anything.

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