Sundance Review: Hobo With A Shotgun

January 22, 2011 : 2:43 pm | by David Font

Most of the time, you can describe a film with one word.  Not Hobo With A Shotgun. It’s seriously the sickest, most ridiculously brutal, and awesome film at Sundance by far.

You may not be able to guess the plot precisely from the title alone, but I’m pretty sure that whatever you imagine wouldn’t be too far from the actual truth. Basically if you take Batman and Mad Max, blend them together, you’ll have “Hobo”. The film stars Rutger Hauer, who most of you probably know best from “The Hitcher” or “Blind Fury,” but I always remember him as Roy from Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner.” Anyways, Rutger is a homeless man who rolls into a new town by train. Stowed away in a boxcar of course, he’s homeless after all; but that’s we’re the stereotype ends.

He arrives in Hope Town only to realize the city’s governed by the demented and sadistic Drake. There is no law and order to be found. The first scene pretty much plays this out: Rutger is witness to a public execution in the streets. Drake and his two sons (Slick & Ivan) have taken a man and placed him inside a manhole. They lasso a rope around his head and proceed to rip it off by way of rope tied to front of pick up truck. A geyser of blood ensues and a trampy girl showers in it. Briliant!

Rutger Hauer finally says enough is enough. During a pawn shop robbery, he grabs a conveniently already loaded shotgun of the wall and starts to spread justice around the city the Charles Bronson way…one shotgun blast and cheesy one liner at a time. This film is no academy winner, but it is definitely a classic in my books. This is grindhouse film making at its finest. Tons of violence, gore, cheesy writing, and offensive material to make you walk away shaking your head; but you’ll be smiling.

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