Sundance is not the only event Park City hosted…

January 29, 2011 : 10:25 pm | by Lizzie Moyer

Many people think of Park City, Utah, the place I stayed for ten days to enjoy the Sundance Film Festival, as the little town in the mountains where Robert Redford moved the festival to. But remember about nine years ago? Where Salt Lake City and Park City were chosen for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games? I haven’t, considering back in 2004 I was in Utah for an extended amount of time and got to go to some of the venues like Soldiers Hallow where I learned to cross country ski for the the first and last time, and the Olympic Oval in Kearns, Utah where I went ice skating with a friend of mine (even though I am not a big fan of it).

It was rather cool to see the Olympic signs in Park City, where I can imagine the traffic was outrageous. It was pretty bad during the festival, but it had to be worse during the Olympics. I could see half-pipes and the ski runs from riding on the bus and looking through the windows. I could clearly imagine the fans rooting for their home countries teams. I could see the Olympic insignia everywhere from the buses to some of the stores. Where I found out one of my favorite stores of all time has a shop here, considering it is an Canadian store called Roots. I would never believe that they had a location in little old Park City. I found out that they outfitted the 2002 Olympic team, a little weird if you ask me. I ended up buying another zip-up hoodie from them because I am just a bit obsessed with their hoodies. I guess that is why they have a shop here in the first place.

But, I was in Park City for another event, but seeing the signs from nine years ago puts a smile on my face. I am a sucker for the Olympics, were I watched as Shawn White did the incredible, where I watched Apollo Anton Ono skate with a calm demeanor, and watched the ever intensive women’s figure skating. Being here in Park City is another check mark off of the Olympic locations I have been to (the others were Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Whistler, another Winter Olympic venue).

I saw people walk around with Olympic paraphernalia from all those years ago, and made me think were they here for the games? That would have been cool to see, if not outrageously busy as well.

Looking at how small Park City really is makes me wonder how every year they can pull of the large mass of people entering their little abode in the mountains. Where I know that some people are not happy about how much attention this little ski town gets, considering the second day I was at Sundance there was this guy cussing at his cellphone about how he hated Sundance because of traffic. I can understand that sentiment, but it must have been at least fifteen times worse during the year 2002 for the Olympics.

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