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January 29, 2011 : 6:36 pm | by Frank Arcuri

One of my favorite experiences here has been the short films that are occasionally shown before the feature films here at Sundance and Slamdance. A short film is exactly that, a film that is not feature length. Usually shorts are shown in programs appropriately titled shorts programs, where many shorts are shown one after another. The beautiful thing about these shorts is that some of them that have premiered here in Park City have eventually returned fully blossomed into feature lengths. This independent film festival held each year presents filmmakers old and new, with feature length and shorts opportunities they wouldn’t have had other wise.

The Pact

The Pact

The two shorts I’ve seen that I’ve really enjoyed was Nicholas McCarthy’s The Pact, and Missed Connections directed by Mary Robertson an 8 min documentary short. The Pact was a suspenseful thriller about a woman who just lost her mother, and is now residing in her late mother’s house taking care of all the residual paperwork that goes along with her situation. At one point the woman and her brother are discussing their childhood and some negative past memory they had while children in their mothers house. Later she finds herself there alone still working on paperwork when the lights flicker and triggers her fear. The Missed Connections short was about missed connections and how people who experience this later have luck, or no luck, finding each other through Craigs lists, which I thought was an interesting, thought evoking concept.

Missed Connections was a short shown before the Slamdance documentary feature Superheroes, and The Pact was shown before the Sundance feature film The Oregonian. Both shorts were less than 10 minutes long and have been some of the more powerful material I’ve witnessed here. I think that Missed Connections would be better off staying as a short because people are only intrigued about something like that so much, but as far as The Pact goes I hope and cannot wait for it to become feature length and eventually picked up.

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